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“As the global leader in robotic automation it is important for us to work with an agency that can provide worldwide coverage and deliver on our business goals; MediaGroup has certainly done both over the period we have been working with them. MGWW are running campaigns for Universal Robots in… Read More

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Stealing attention, one ad at a time

It’s an utopian dream to think that all advertising should be interesting and people will enthusiastically spend their time and attention on it. Just not going to happen. Still, the very premise of advertising is that it generates interest and gets people to buy your product. There is a basic conflict… Read More

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Keeping up with consumer behavior: social immediacy

Consumer behavior has changed forever. Online avenues allow your customers to get what they want, when they want. And if your company doesn’t provide a way, someone else will. Case in point; the movie and record industry. In this regard, Tommy Hilfiger’s evolution to a See Now,… Read More

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Co-op advertising needs to go Online

Co-op advertising is when brands partly pay retailers for the cost of advertising the brands’ products locally. It is an inducement – together with in-store displays, credit terms, discounts and more – to get retailers to carry more product in a better way, so that brands can eventually sell more. Read More

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Luxury brands should get influencer marketing right

Let’s get something out of the way. Influencer Marketing is not a difficult to grasp marketing concept. It is basically like a sponsorship. You sponsor someone with a following on Instagram or YouTube (for example), in order to show and talk about your brand and its products to… Read More

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The Great Unbundling

If you think about most major industries, over time the companies offering products or services go from being generalist to specialists. They start off offering a major product and literally begin an industry this way. Then come along smaller players who ‘unbundle’ specific aspects of the business model… Read More

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Brand advertising beyond the click

If you run marketing for a high-end brand, the typical idea of a successful advertising campaign is one where you ‘reach’ as many of your target audience as possible. Online, that reach is typically measured in views and clicks, and perhaps validated with the occasional post campaign study. Read More

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Are you making your customers actively happy?

We all heard about the studies that show it is cheaper to keep a customer and increase your earnings on them, instead of getting new customers. In my mind, the key metric that shows if a client is going to stay with you is not the amount of business these… Read More

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(Not) understanding the customer journey

Think about the last time you bought a more important item online. Did you – as many online marketers wishfully summarize from inconclusive data – search for the product category and directly buy the product from a PPC ad? Or did you spend hours and hours reading reviews, asking for… Read More

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Marketing is about Discovery and Attention

Getting people to discover your brand, and getting their attention for the right reason, is 99% of the job of a marketing person. I think that’s a pretty uncontroversial statement, yet many companies don’t rationally market this way. If you as a marketer firmly believe that facilitating discovery… Read More

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