Luxury brands deserve unusual focus

Keeping your brand top of mind

We believe relevance is key. Right message, right audience at the right time is what keeps luxury brands top of mind. For the past 20 years, we have specialized in finding this elusive sweet spot for our luxury clients.

We have worked with luxury brands of all sizes, from the local handcrafted jewellery company to the biggest global design icons. True of all of them is the need to build brand awareness and ultimately to drive sales.

In a world where e-commerce has broken down geographical barriers, luxury brands increasingly find demand for their products spread out across the globe. With our international presence, we know how to support your brand’s global growth – from Berlin to Beijing.

We don’t just provide advertising campaigns. We would like to be a partner in all things marketing for Luxury Brands, so we do everything an in-house marketing department might do, and more. That includes providing search engine optimization, development, marketing automation, design and other services.

Our strong focus on tracking, reporting and optimization means that we see every campaign as a driver for more sales. Whether a sale is made directly on your site, or the sales process involves local retailers, we set the KPIs and optimize accordingly. In a world of increasing competition, you can’t afford to not be return-on-investment driven, and that’s why our services are Unusually Focused™.

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