Keeping up with consumer behavior: social immediacy

Keeping up with consumer behavior: social immediacy image

Consumer behavior has changed forever. Online avenues allow your customers to get what they want, when they want. And if your company doesn’t provide a way, someone else will. Case in point; the movie and record industry.

In this regard, Tommy Hilfiger’s evolution to a See Now, Buy Now sales strategy is inspiring. It involved a change in the way they roll out collections from a 1 year systemic process to a simultaneous execution over the course of a matter of weeks – all in order to meet the demand for instant gratification.

See now, buy in six months? Not good enough for Tommy Hilfiger’s social media savvy target market. This 18 to 30-something crowd demand social immediacy – the power to see something and purchase immediately. In a move that harnessed the power of the whole organisation, Tommy Hilfiger pulled off a huge marketing and operations shake up.

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