Building brand trust through content and social media | Episode 36

In today’s episode – the thirty-sixth in our series – Bart Burggraaf, partner at MediaGroup, speaks with Mark Frankel, the Director of Content Operations at International SOS. The company helps to mitigate and reduce exposure to health and security risks by designing robust and customized preventive reports.

In addition to talking about his role at International SOS, Mark highlights his previous experiences at Philip Morris and the BBC. Mark’s experiences have taught him that building personal connections in content marketing is crucial, as marketing is all about trust. To him, this is how businesses can create and maintain relationships with their target audience.

Mark has a deep passion for storytelling and unearthing hidden narratives, which his time at the BBC demonstrates. He then pivoted to Philip Morris as he was interested in the idea of working on a campaign to create a smoke-free world. This was influenced by his mother’s early death from cancer at the age of 65 as a result of being a heavy smoker, despite trying to quit multiple times.

Finally, Bart and Valeriia wrap up the podcast by discussing how companies should take a targeted approach when content marketing by considering suitable channels and adjusting marketing messages if needed.

Memorable Marketing by MediaGroup is a series of interview podcasts with leading senior marketers, holding free-ranging conversations on their careers, outlook and interests.

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