Disruptive marketing | Episode 35

Today on Memorable Marketing, Bart speaks to Christian Johansen, the Global Digital Marketing Manager at Universal Robots. The company is a leading global manufacturer of collaborative robots to assist in automating and streamlining production processes.

Here, the pair talk about different and unique ways to market a brand, the implementation of B2C working methods for B2B marketing, and how that impacts the customer journey.

Christian explains that opening additional channels helps build a better user experience. In his eyes, companies nowadays need to have well-designed websites in addition to attentive customer service. Therefore, brands should make it easy for customers to do business with them. This means making the customer’s journey as frictionless as possible. Additionally, he also says that brands should focus on addressing their customer’s pain points as a way to get them interested in a product or service.

Christian’s experience mainly revolves around digital marketing. He shares his insights regarding challenging the traditional ways of doing business, integrating online and offline tactics and explaining Universal Robot’s approach to digital marketing. He also highlights some brands he admires and is inspired by from a marketing POV, and what businesses can learn from them.

Finally, Bart and Valeriia wrap up the podcast by discussing how companies can pivot their approach by utilizing various marketing platforms and adopting a customer-centric approach.

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