How to build awareness and sales in China with SEO

Today we have an in-depth discussion with MGWW’s Bart Burggraaf on SEO. SEO is one of the most important, and least utilized, tactics for sales growth. In a wide-reaching presentation, working through on-site SEO, off-site SEO, and content, Bart makes a deep dive into the many factors which can influence SEO performance, particularly focusing on the needs of mature companies.

As most of you probably know, since 2014 Google has been blocked in China. Baidu has many similarities, but also key differences in the way searches and SEO work. With 75% of total Chinese search volume and 93% on mobile, this is an important topic to understand for anyone looking to access the Chinese market. Bart gives detailed examples of best practices and provides insightful comparisons between Western and Chinese consumer behavior.

After discussing some technical points of interest to web developers, Bart leads into a detailed discussion about content optimization. Particularly focusing on the division of user intent into informational, educational, and commercial, Bart discusses ways to tailor content to each group. This section will be of especial interest to copywriters working with the Chinese market and includes a list of terms and topics to avoid.

Next, a guide to link-building, including how to develop authoritative link networks. Baidu has a quite different approach to quality control compared to Google, and Bart discusses the various back-linking strategies in light of this. Methods like reciprocal linking and Q&A, now non-functional on Google, still work well in China, but the question of how long this will remain so is tough to answer. A deep understanding of the Chinese search market underpins a nuanced discussion of this question.

Then, a user-friendly summary of the ‘day one’ requirements for internet marketers, including measurement tools, technical minimums, and content strategy. Always delivered with the marketer in mind, Bart picks out the key points from a complex subject to provide distilled insights for your online presence. A must for anyone looking to expand their understanding of the topic.

Finally, Bart leads us through a series of case studies covering the industrial manufacturing and luxury goods sectors, with real examples of the kind of challenges and opportunities met during a company’s SEO development.

Bart Burggraaf is one of the founding partners of MGWW, with a wealth of experience delivering marketing solutions for companies including Citibank and Saxo Bank. To keep up with all the latest episodes and insights from Bart and the MGWW team, please subscribe to our channel.

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