Are you ready to get unusually focusedTM?

Data-driven marketing targeting high net-worth audiences

MediaGroup Worldwide is a data driven, research based marketing agency focused on high net worth audiences. A truly international agency, MediaGroup’s head office is in Switzerland, with a presence in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Warsaw, London and Hong Kong.

We connect brands with audiences, not just publications, and find high net worth individuals wherever they are. That means our services are Unusually Focused™, and your results are exceptionally good.

Being data driven means we provide services based on research. And once a campaign is running we continuously improve results by employing custom data, while on a macro level, we get the kind of unique insights that propel your business forward.

The services we provide don’t stop at advertising campaigns. We would like to be your partner in all things marketing, so we do everything an in-house marketing department might do, and more. That includes providing search engine optimization, development, marketing automation, design and other services.

Whatever we help you with, our services are Unusually Focused™, and get you exceptionally good results.

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