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XING – the LinkedIn of Germany

Many companies are aiming to expand into the German-speaking market, particularly through targeting German-speaking business professionals. In addition to using LinkedIn Advertisement, it is vital to amplify your business’s presence on the leading and most significant platform in the DACH market—XING. XING is a direct competitor of LinkedIn in Germany. Read More

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The Google Core Web Vitals update: all you need to know

Google introduced Core Web Vitals on May 28, 2020. These critical new ranking signals aim to further streamline the overall user experience journey by evaluating and measuring the speed, visual stability and responsiveness of websites. June 2021 marked the first, much anticipated Core Web Vitals algorithm update, with a further… Read More

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How to tap into the Chinese PPC market

Despite the economic softening caused by the global pandemic, experts estimate that Chinese B2B trade will continue to grow 30% annually to 350 billion by 2024. By embracing digitalisation, companies in China are seeing significant growth, while also increasing digital competition. So how to find success for B2B companies in… Read More

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Is this the end of the cookie era?

Lukasz Szkobel, our Head of Display, sheds some light on the possible scenarios. The end of the cookie era is approaching – we are all aware of it. However, we are still discussing the possible solutions for advertisers, and nothing is set in stone yet.  In January 2022, we will face… Read More

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Facebook removes the 20% text rule in pictures for Ads

Under this rule, FB didn’t allow images for advertising to have more than 20% text surface. The news of removal was officially announced just a few days ago. Magdalena Drzewicka, our head of operations, asks ‘what does this really mean?’. In theory, we could say that advertisers have finally been… Read More

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Should you opt out of Google Ads Auto Applied Recommendations?

Earlier last year, Google Ads introduced automated recommendations for paid advertisements, including keyword bidding, new ad copies, budget changes and bidding strategy. These recommendations are now being automatically applied by Google. You may find new creative running that was created by the system (without notification) because they are automatically applied… Read More

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How will the iOS14 update affect ecommerce?

In the latest updates Apple announced major changes to data tracking permissions in the upcoming update of iOS14, due to occur early in 2021. How will advertisement on social media platforms be affected? What is the future of personal tracking? What consequences will it bring? At the moment, these questions… Read More

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Biggest challenges we are tackling in 2021

2020 was a monumental year not only for society but also for advertisers with major changes in day-to-day lives. Facebook has named 4 key challenges, that advertisers will most likely face in 2021: Unclear market learnings Business has been forced to rethink operations and how messaging resonates with their consumers. Read More

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Voice search optimisation – is this the future for SEO?

The popularity of voice searching has greatly increased in recent years, and this trend will continue to gradually change the SEO industry. The reasons are simple; for the typical user, speaking is faster and easier than typing. Additionally, it allows people to do other things at the same time. Breakthroughs… Read More

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From offline to online – and 45,000 new customers

For the last six months, MediaGroup’s team of specialists have been consulting an under-digitized company, helping them kick in the door to online sales. The Danish-owned client sells supplements all over Europe. However, they were stuck in analog marketing traditions, longing for online success. By customizing an acute digital media… Read More

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SEO FAQ: 8 Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

When we talk with our potential and current clients, we often hear very similar or even the same SEO questions and quandaries. Therefore, we decided to collect them all in one place and engaged our team of SEO experts to provide comprehensive answers for the most common real-life concerns about… Read More

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“As the global leader in robotic automation it is important for us to work with an agency that can provide worldwide coverage and deliver on our business goals; MediaGroup has certainly done both over the period we have been working with them. MGWW are running campaigns for Universal Robots in… Read More

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Stealing attention, one ad at a time

It’s an utopian dream to think that all advertising should be interesting and people will enthusiastically spend their time and attention on it. Just not going to happen. Still, the very premise of advertising is that it generates interest and gets people to buy your product. There is a basic conflict… Read More

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Keeping up with consumer behavior: social immediacy

Consumer behavior has changed forever. Online avenues allow your customers to get what they want, when they want. And if your company doesn’t provide a way, someone else will. Case in point; the movie and record industry. In this regard, Tommy Hilfiger’s evolution to a See Now,… Read More

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Co-op advertising needs to go Online

Co-op advertising is when brands partly pay retailers for the cost of advertising the brands’ products locally. It is an inducement – together with in-store displays, credit terms, discounts and more – to get retailers to carry more product in a better way, so that brands can eventually sell more. Read More

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Luxury brands should get influencer marketing right

Let’s get something out of the way. Influencer Marketing is not a difficult to grasp marketing concept. It is basically like a sponsorship. You sponsor someone with a following on Instagram or YouTube (for example), in order to show and talk about your brand and its products to… Read More

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The Great Unbundling

If you think about most major industries, over time the companies offering products or services go from being generalist to specialists. They start off offering a major product and literally begin an industry this way. Then come along smaller players who ‘unbundle’ specific aspects of the business model… Read More

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Brand advertising beyond the click

If you run marketing for a high-end brand, the typical idea of a successful advertising campaign is one where you ‘reach’ as many of your target audience as possible. Online, that reach is typically measured in views and clicks, and perhaps validated with the occasional post campaign study. Read More

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Are you making your customers actively happy?

We all heard about the studies that show it is cheaper to keep a customer and increase your earnings on them, instead of getting new customers. In my mind, the key metric that shows if a client is going to stay with you is not the amount of business these… Read More

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(Not) understanding the customer journey

Think about the last time you bought a more important item online. Did you – as many online marketers wishfully summarize from inconclusive data – search for the product category and directly buy the product from a PPC ad? Or did you spend hours and hours reading reviews, asking for… Read More

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Marketing is about Discovery and Attention

Getting people to discover your brand, and getting their attention for the right reason, is 99% of the job of a marketing person. I think that’s a pretty uncontroversial statement, yet many companies don’t rationally market this way. If you as a marketer firmly believe that facilitating discovery… Read More

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Do you SEO? An Opportunity for P2P Lending Companies

At this stage of the P2P lending industry, things are getting competitive. We see lenders start to spend money on advertising in order to get investors, doing PR and content, working on their brand, and optimizing their websites for maximum conversion. And while those are worthwhile things to… Read More

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I’d like to Smash your Brand into Pieces.

No, I am not suggesting I will go around your office tearing up brochures or ripping logo’s off the wall. Although that would be fun. The strictly theoretical question for you to answer is; is your brand still recognizable when you smash any part of your marketing collateral… Read More

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No, Robots should not run your marketing

A lot of marketing people in the brokerage industry look with envy at companies in this space that automate large parts of their marketing. And to a certain extent, optimizing advertising can be done by rules and robots. However, if you look at the business model of those companies automating a… Read More

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The Golden Rule of the Brokerage Industry

Last I checked it’s 2017, and definitely not 1999. Yet when looking at the experience of becoming and being a customer with many brokers, you would think time stopped since the year the Euro was introduced. Due to compliance rules it’s pretty difficult to become a… Read More

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How to Double your Conversions in 2017

Yes, we should all really go to the gym more. And eat healthy. Spend more time with the family. New Year’s resolutions aplenty, but I’d really like you to add another one to the list. This one is to do with business, and to be more precise, with… Read More

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Forget about Google, mastering SEO in China with Baidu

In a highly competitive industry, brokers across the board are seeing increasing acquisition costs through the traditional paid channels. As a result, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become a key element of most, if not all, brokers’ marketing tool box. Except in China, where most brokers still rely on traditional… Read More

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Did IG Get a Good Deal on DailyFX?

British broker IG Group recently bought DailyFX from FXCM. DailyFX for years had been a stable generator of business for FXCM, and it is fair to say that it wouldn’t have considered selling the site if it wasn’t for the debt burden FXCM has due to… Read More

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Is SEO Really Dead for Forex and Binary?

Google was revolutionary. No search engine before it took the approach that it did, and Google was rewarded with an enormous cash cow as a result. When we ask questions like ‘should we be doing SEO’ the real question should be ‘what kind of SEO should we do,… Read More

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What is your Company’s Content Brand?

Financial services companies tend to produce a lot of content. Whether they send it to clients, use it for PR or post it on their website to gain SEO traffic, it’s an important part of any modern financial companies’ toolkit. Content in this industry… Read More

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Advertising for Emotional Engagement

The ultimate goal of all advertising is to drive sales. If It Doesn’t Sell, It Isn’t Creative. So financial brands measure impressions, clicks and conversions and optimize their advertising and creative on that basis. So far, so good. The problem is confirmation bias. There is a… Read More

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Living your Company’s Brand

The other day I got some butter from the supermarket in Zug, Switzerland. Interesting story, I know, but bear with me here. The reason I am writing about this today is that this was no normal butter. It was branded ‘Heidi’ in a beautifully folded paper wrapper, adorned… Read More

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Broker marketing in the UK post-Brexit

Perhaps the biggest worry for brokers after Brexit is passporting. Will EU brokers be allowed to do business in the UK and will UK brokers be able to do business in the EU? I personally think that when the UK leaves the EU, there will be a comprehensive package on the table to ensure passporting continues. But you never know. Most of the larger UK regulated brokers have been regulated elsewhere, in addition to the UK, and for those outside the UK that want to get traders there; well the UK is an important market, but one of many. Plus you will have at least a few years to prepare, so perhaps things aren’t that bad. Read More

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Volatility means increased conversion rates and better clients

Most Brokers saw a great increase in volumes before, during and especially after the Brexit vote. Besides increased trading activity, acquisition was also greatly helped. See for instance Plus500, which generate 1600 new customers just last Friday. Now, there is always increased trading activity and improved acquisition… Read More

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Payday Loan Advertising after the Google Ban

After Google and Facebook banned Payday Loan companies from advertising their products, direct acquisition of new business has gotten a lot more difficult. The move is especially troublesome for those companies with little marketing budget, as the market leaders have built up a brand that allows them to… Read More

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The Brave New World of Automated Advertising

In an excellent article on Bloomberg, Noah Smith talks about high frequency contracts and the impact this will have on the way our economy works. In the future he envisions, contracts for work will be automatically and in real-time negotiated between machines, according to changing market conditions,… Read More

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Reactivating your Leads with Facebook

If you are anything like the average broker, you probably have a large amount of leads in an unwieldy Excel sheet or CRM system. Thousands of aspiring customers you have generated in the past, called once or twice and sent the occasional email to. And while many brokers employ retargeting… Read More

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Using Brexit as a Marketing Opportunity

On the 23rd of June, the United Kingdom decides if it wants to stay or leave. Like the exceedingly sad Dave Matthews song, this decision could stir up the emotional financial markets in unpredictable ways. There’s a lot at stake for traders and investors, and good communication around the market… Read More

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Marketing in the Online Wealth Management Industry

Online wealth management is a rapidly growing industry and an interesting one to follow for brokers. What’s more, the relatively stable income, large assets under management and a different target audience makes for an attractive diversification play for brokers looking to escape volatile income and low account sizes. In this… Read More

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7 Ways Brokers can Spy on Competitors

As Edward Snowden reminded the world, everything said and done on the internet is recorded. But beyond governments, commerce and the promise of measurable results have made it so that every company with the will and resources can extract useful information from competitors, and stay within the limits of the… Read More

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Are your Ads Being Viewed by Robots?

Research estimates anywhere between 30% and 60% of display ads are viewed by robots. Think about that for a moment. Right now, at least 30% of your display advertising budget might as well be flushed through the toilet. How much of an impact would it make on your bottom line… Read More

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The 7 Biggest SEO Mistakes Brokers Make

The promise of unlimited free clicks. Rising to the top of the search engines, gaining massive market share with little effort. Which marketer hasn’t daydreamed about this. Or perhaps I am the only one. When reality sinks in, we realize this stuff is hard work. Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO)… Read More

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Why marketing begins before startups go to market

The sage advice often repeated in the startup world goes a little like this; Identify a problem, get some funding, build your product to solve the problem, adjust it to the market as you go and achieve Product/Market fit. Get some more funding and then focus on growth. But what… Read More

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Brand Marketing for Financial Companies (Video)

A major focus – and expense – of most brokerage firms is acquiring new traders in order to continue to grow their business. In this interview for Dukascopy TV, Andrew Saks-McLeod (CEO of Finance Feeds) and Bart Burggraaf (head of the London office of Media… Read More

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Broker Positioning & Branding (Video)

The foreign exchange brokerage market has become saturated with new firms that were attracted by the sharp rise in trading volume. Vastly improved technology reduced entry costs and made it possible for them to compete with the established players. In this interview on Dukascopy TV, Andrew Saks-McLeod… Read More

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Non-paid Marketing with Quality Content (Video)

The term “non-paid marketing” refers to business development via social media and content co-operation that allow companies to get in front of customers and potential customers for free. In this interview with Dukascopy TV, Andrew Saks-McLeod (CEO of Finance Feeds) and Bart Burggraaf (head of the… Read More

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Better Brand Building for Brokers

When a company comes to the stage where the frantic focus on leads and accounts on a day to day basis has given way to medium to long term planning, brokers often start thinking about their ‘brand’ and how they can grow awareness and positive brand associations. It makes sense… Read More

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Is Digital Audio Sponsorship a good tactic for Acquisition?

With the first ‘blockbuster’ podcast Serial making waves, digital audio is experiencing an unexpected renaissance. As a result, we have noticed more financial services advertisers enquiring about these kinds of sponsorships in order to reach high net worth individuals. Do we recommend sponsoring digital audio? It… Read More

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Beyond Spam: Email Marketing for Acquisition

Everyone has gotten them; incredible return penny stocks, wealthy Nigerians in a pinch or medicine promotions for men. This is partly why marketers don’t like sending out emails on third party lists. It feels wrong. But if renting opt-in premium publisher email lists is wrong, we don’t want… Read More

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Guide to direct marketing for brokers

“Most financial marketers look at the direct response (if at all) in order to gauge performance. Metrics like click through rate, inbound telephone calls and even leads generated are tracked back to their source and tallied in cost-per-action type figures. In this weeks LeapRate editorial MediaGroup London discusses how this… Read More

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How to Win Affiliates and Influence People

Why should you care about getting affiliates to sell your product? The answer to that question mostly comes down to Risk and Scaling. Paying affiliates just when they new business and then only (or a portion) on the revenue they means you have no upfront capital at risk; you are… Read More

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Which countries are best?

So, you are a new forex broker who is wondering which country would be the best to set up your business in. How can one rank countries in which to do business? There are many factors, but assuming that you want to become a regulated… Read More

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On the merits of TV advertising

This is a difficult question to tackle, primarily because it is hard to know what your budget is and what your marketing plan will look like. Television advertising has its pros and cons; it might be right for you, but even if it’s not, there are other effective… Read More

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Broker Marketing Return on Investment

Does input really equal output? And, what should you put in to generate sufficient output for your forex business? Is it all about hype or results? Marketing or the bottom line? Well, there’s no question that if people don’t know about your company, you could be… Read More

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How to set up an affiliate network to generate leads

Whether you are on a tight budget or are simply looking for additional streams for client leads, creating an affiliate network might be a reasonable option for you. You will have many different ways of doing this, so consider your options carefully. This article is intended to give… Read More

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Marketing of Forex in France

In an article on LeapRate, a leading online trading industry publication, our Managing Director was quoted extensively on the subject of increased regulation regarded FX marketing in France. LeapRate today spoke to FX marketing specialist Bart Burggraaf, Managing Director & Partner at MediaGroup London, to ascertain… Read More

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How can brokers compete?

As new brokers flood the market, the actual cost of enlisting clients grows, because more has to be spent to attract them as you seek to stand out in a crowded field. Don’t panic yet, though. There are still a few tried-and-true ways to get clients… Read More

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Getting Clients for your trading platform

Attracting brokerage clients to your trading platform is both simple and complicated. It helps tremendously if you have a superior product with some uniqueness to offer. Beyond that, think about these features as well: Outstanding marketing material to boost your offering Helpful service staff that knows what it’s… Read More

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Thought Leadership in the Financial Services Industry

There is a long history of banks using research as a sales tool. It makes sense; banks produce research on a company, industry, country or asset class and their customers use that information to trade. The same information goes out to various publications by way of media appearances… Read More

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Search Engine Advertising for Brokers

Brokers spend a lot of time and resources on marketing using banner ads. Creating banners, finding placements and sites that work, trafficking & tracking – let alone how much money is being spent on the placements themselves. Don’t get us wrong, Display marketing is obviously necessary to have a well-rounded marketing communications mix, and this tactic can be very effective in getting clients. The issue is that it takes away from the time and focus spent on search engine marketing. Read More

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Twitter Marketing in the FX Broker Space

Our article Twitter Marketing in the FX Broker Space just got posted on, a well know industry site. Twitter is a channel with a wide distribution among Forex traders, and out of all social marketing tactics it is the most widely employed by brokers. While we believe Twitter should be a part of an overall Social Marketing strategy including Facebook, a Research & Commentary site, YouTube video channel and a Trade Following program – we hope this article will be a useful look at the Twitter landscape by itself. Read More

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What Financial Advertising is Working?

It seems like a simple question, yet the answer can be elusive. Most financial marketers look at direct response (if at all) in order to gauge performance. Metrics like click through rate, inbound telephone calls and even leads generated are tracked back to their source and tallied in cost-per-action type figures. This can be misleading. Read More

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How Education for Financial Products can Lower Churn

The reality of many online brokerages is that a constant stream of new clients is necessary in order to sustain profitability. But the smartest of these companies are actually spending most of their time marketing to existing clients, to stop them from churning. They understand, like you do, that it is much more profitable to keep a current customer than it is to gain a new one. Read More

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Print Publications are Going Digital

Like many other industries, the print industry is going more and more digital out of necessity. Take the iconic publication ‘Newsweek’ which has announced it will be going all digital by end of this year. Following this, The Telegraph newspaper has introduced a subscription model to its electronic… Read More

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Differentiation in Financial Services

Financial products are commoditizing faster than ever. At the same time, margins are quickly disappearing in a quest for short term volumes. It is in this environment that the shrewdest marketers are managing the opposite. They ask for high margins and carve a niche so deep that clients will jump through hoops to get the chance to become a client. *Almost* no selling required. Read More

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Building Financial Websites for Conversion

ABC, ‘Always Be Closing’ is the mantra of many financial companies’ sales people, but even a quick scan of many of their websites reveals that this is often not the case for their online presence. The number one question companies should ask themselves about their website is ‘what do I want my site to do?’. If you want it to generate accounts, you should make sure that every page is build to take away barriers to that action. Read More

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Tracking: What half of my marketing works?

Over a century ago, the department-store magnate John Wanamaker observed, “I know half my advertising dollars are wasted. I just don’t know which half.” Well, no more. With the help of DM principles we have the potential to know what works and what doesn’t, because whenever anyone does anything online, it’s recorded in a computer somewhere. Read More

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Tracking Systems for Display Advertising

The gift of online marketing is that everything is measurable. It’s a gift because for the first time in history we know exactly what marketing works and what doesn’t. We know what message in what medium brings us results and we can optimize them in ‘real-time’. Read More

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Email Marketing throughout the Lifecycle

Email marketing has found its place in most companies’ online marketing mix as a customer loyalty tool. More accurately it is used to start a dialogue with leads and customers to increase or generate sales. So we can split post-lead email marketing in two areas; getting leads to become customers and generating more profit from clients. But first, we discuss the usage of email marketing as a lead generation tool. Read More

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Best Practices for Broker PPC Ads

Most brokers use Google Adwords in one way or another, it’s a great tool to generate leads and catch traders in the later stages of the conversion funnel. A great deal of importance is often placed on keywords and bidding strategy while the optimization of ad text is… Read More

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The Optimal Media Budget Per Channel

We often get asked by prospective online brokerage clients what the optimal media spend is per channel and we usually answer that it depends on target country, name recognition currently, goals for the marketing plan and the brokers’ positioning. However, there are some general points to be made on… Read More

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Managing Digital Marketing Tags on a Brokers Site

Digital marketers are used to working with a variety of systems for measurement and each system brings with it a new tag to put on the site. Among many, there is the analytics tag, adserving tag and the tags used for individual media partners such as Google Adwords… Read More

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The Mobile Advertising Revolution

The popularity of smartphones, tablets and the application revolution has resulted in more than double mobile advertising figures, reaching £500 million this year. A large part of that growth comes from application stores such as Apple’s and Google’s, since about 60% of the UK’s adult population owns… Read More

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Emotional advertising for Financial Services

A correctly formulated advertising campaign not only reminds the customers about the company and its products and services but also make them switch from its competitors. Building successful campaigns though represents a tremendously difficult task. With the coming winter holidays, Christmas being the most anticipated one, companies have started… Read More

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