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The Data-Driven Growth Agency

Our international marketing agency works as a key partner to enterprise and larger mid-market firms. Working closely with major B2B and B2C clients across Europe and Asia, we help our clients grow with SEO, paid advertising, strategic consulting and measurement services. 





book.svgAudit & Strategy

Our enterprise campaigns begin with a full audit of our client’s current performance. We aim to improve on the benchmark standard and create, in the long term, an industry-leading digital marketing strategy. 


search.svgSearch Engine Optimization

MediaGroup works on global campaigns for clients, offering international English and local language SEO services, including link building, content marketing and technical SEO. We always start with a thorough understanding of your industry and specific business requirements and go from there with campaigns that scale. 

Link building

Links are what give importance to your site. Maintaining a high level of link quality is critical, and our offsite SEO team follows the highest standards while growing your link profile at scale, through our extensive network of publishers.

Technical SEO

Technical factors make or break SEO campaigns. A full SEO audit will reveal whether your site suffers from common or unusual problems that are penalized by search engines. Factors like page load speed, mobile optimization, redirects and more all impact SEO ranking performance.

Content Marketing

By adapting your existing content or writing new copy from scratch, we create a user-friendly text base for your site. Using our in-house research function, we identify an optimal site structure, and menu linking network, and we select the most appropriate keywords to improve organic traffic.


magnet.svgPaid Advertising

Paid advertising has a direct and measurable impact on sales, and it is an excellent way for companies to stand out and stay on top of the competition across different channels. Advertise with broad exposure and precisely target valuable audiences at a time and place when they are ready to convert. 

Social Advertising

Social advertising is a fast-growing and important part of a brand’s digital strategy. Social platforms such as Meta, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter allow for high levels of segmentation and precise prospect targeting to increase brand awareness globally and locally.

PPC Advertising

PPC advertising helps increase brand exposure in SERPs and target prospective clients. As a full-service marketing agency, MediaGroup Worldwide has a strong track record in managing PPC campaigns in Google, Bing and local search engines like Baidu or Naver.

Display Advertising

Display ads are a fantastic way to get a brand’s message across. Combining visual elements such as text, images, and animations, display advertising helps reach your target audience online. Our data-driven philosophy ensures we display ads on high-quality websites while minimizing ad fraud risk.


bar-chart.svgData & Analytics

As a data-driven agency, we have broad experience when it comes to analyzing a campaign’s performance to see what needs to be improved or tweaked for better results. These analyses will be presented back to you in a digestible and easy-to-read format, so you know exactly what is happening when it comes to your campaigns. 

Latest of our work

DOOH campaign building awareness and driving visits to physical shops

The DOOH campaign for Carl Hansen & Søn achieved outstanding results thanks to MediaGroup’s team of experts and vast network of media partners and publishers. 


Global Social Media campaign generated 2,700+ B2B leads in 6 months

MediaGroup's mission was to create brand awareness among a completely new target group for Rockon and bring qualified MQL leads across all the countries. 

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What distinguishes MediaGroup Worldwide? 

MediaGroup prides itself on a variety of factors. The first is that we are an international online marketing company providing a variety of advertising services. Aside from executing campaigns in over 22 markets globally, our specialists ensure that all campaigns are locally targeted to resonate with audiences as much as possible. With over two decades of experience, our staff are experts in working with international firms and can localize campaigns in over 20 languages.  

MediaGroup mainly works with enterprises and larger mid-market firms, with clients often based in Europe and Asia. Our staff specialize in PPC, SEO, and implementing paid and organic social campaigns, in addition to digital PR and providing strategy consultations. We have offices in Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom, with staff speaking multiple languages. Truly an international agency at its core. 



A data-driven digital marketing agency 

Our approach to providing digital advertising services is analytical, thorough, and data-driven. We always start with a full audit of our clients, so we understand your industry, current performance, and business goals. A clear plan to meet your marketing objectives will lead us to develop a viable digital marketing strategy tailored to your needs.  

MediaGroup also prides itself on being extremely detail orientated. Through auditing our clients, we ensure your marketing budget is spent as efficiently as possible. We closely monitor any campaigns, allowing you to make business decisions that are sufficiently backed with thorough evidence. Our staff members are experts in the digital field and can assist with advising clients if they have no idea where to start. MediaGroup also presents timely reports in an understandable format, so you always know how the campaign is going and whether any real-time changes need to be made quickly.