Broker marketing in the UK post-Brexit

Broker marketing in the UK post-Brexit image

Perhaps the biggest worry for brokers after Brexit is passporting. Will EU brokers be allowed to do business in the UK and will UK brokers be able to do business in the EU?

I personally think that when the UK leaves the EU, there will be a comprehensive package on the table to ensure passporting continues. But you never know. Most of the larger UK regulated brokers have been regulated elsewhere, in addition to the UK, and for those outside the UK that want to get traders there; well the UK is an important market, but one of many. Plus you will have at least a few years to prepare, so perhaps things aren’t that bad.

So besides the potential nightmare of regulation, marketing-wise Brexit can be an opportunity for UK brokers. Whichever way the Brexit process itself goes, they can use this as an opportunity to differentiate themselves from all the others. For instance, in case the UK implements policies that will make it much more independent of the EU, brokers can talk to foreign traders about the advantages enjoyed by many “offshore” jurisdictions: differentiation, privacy and security. Plus a good regulator.


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