Why brokers should consider moving to DoubleClick adserving

Adserving is a big part of the technical challenge surrounding online marketing. We need to make sure to have centralized reporting and uniform tracking in order to know where our leads and online applications came from and how much they each cost. There has been a lot of movement over the last years in this space and only now are we close to reaching the holy grail of ad serving; fully integrated analytics, tracking and adserving for attribution.

Let us explain. Right now, most brokers look at their conversions (both trial and live account) on a last click basis. That means someone clicked a banner or a search ad, goes to the site and converts and that media gets the credit for this conversion. However (and if you run your online marketing this way you will already know) that means that a very large percentage of conversions comes from branded search keywords (searches where people type in your company name as opposed to keywords such as ‘CFD broker’). The reason they know your brand is because they have heard of your company somewhere. In addition, a large amount of conversions are ‘helped’ by other advertising. For example, when someone is browsing on a site, sees your banner and when searching for the keyword ‘forex broker’ sees your brand, recognizes it and clicks on your site to convert.

We need a way to record that funnel and attribute each step its proper value. There are vendors such as VisualIQ and Adometry that allow brokers to do this but it takes some effort and the additional cost can be prohibitive. In the meantime, Google has had 1200 engineers working on it’s new ‘Doubleclick Digital Marketing‘ which is supposed to not only have analytics and attribution included, it also has search bid management, exchange based buying, rich media banner creation and much much more included.

This is a game changer, and those on the lookout for a new vendor and not currently using Doubleclick should certainly consider it very strongly, not in the least because it is the platform used by the majority of the media and advertising world and Google continuous to communicate it’s commitment to improving it.

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