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DOOH campaign building awareness and driving visits to physical shops


Industry: Danish designer furniture company


strategic locations

digital screens

month campaign duration

Head of Display Advertising Lukasz Szkobel



Carl Hansen & Søn is a renowned family-owned Danish furniture company with a history stretching back over a century. 

MediaGroup Worldwide has been supporting this client with SEO and paid activities globally since 2020. During this time, we have helped with boosting Carl Hansen & Søn’s digital performance and transformation.  

We aimed to offer our client a boost in brand awareness and a fresh new look that could match some of its current collections. Taking advantage of outdoor campaigns, we offered a digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign displaying various ad formats on screens.

DOOH advertising provides a unique opportunity for brands to reach consumers while they are on the go or engaging in different activities – such as working out, travelling or commuting. 

Our main objectives included

    Increase awareness about Carl Hansen & Søn and their products.

    Drive new clients to the physical shops nearby.

DOOH campaign mockup


MediaGroup utilised the DSP Sage+Archer media buying platform alongside the direct deal media buying method to manage this digital out-of-home campaign.

We chose 10 screens in the Netherlands based in Tier 1 Amsterdam locations close to the Netherlands Carl Hansen & Søn flagship store.

In Denmark, where the DOOH is still developing, we could not find appropriate screens close to Carl Hansen & Søn’s flagship store in Copenhagen. Instead, MediaGroup decided to use a mix of different screens based in Tier 1 malls in the city for our DOOH campaign.

In fact, the total hours the ads were displayed matched the commercial hours of Carl Hansen & Søn’s flagship stores.

1080x1920 – 2688x1536. This was the format we used as it combines the high-performance vertical format with a really impressive format screen. 

Display team Aitor and Macarena working



There were a few challenges when it came to implementing this campaign. We needed to find the proper screen and location, as well as the right price, when it came to displaying our ads. So, we checked out screens with various formats and where they were located.  

We used one of our suppliers to make the screen selection in Amsterdam. In Copenhagen, however, MediaGroup had to directly contact our publishers 1 by 1 instead to understand all their available options. This was because the potential areas for placing ads, such as the airport, city centre, and malls, were all under the jurisdiction of different publishers. 


Our DOOH campaign for Carl Hansen & Søn achieved outstanding results thanks to MediaGroup’s team of experts and our vast network of media partners and publishers. 

    Our digital out-of-home campaign generated 2,8M+ impressions and 560K+ plays

    Thanks to our negotiations with the supplier, the campaign value was 18.3% higher than the actual cost. 

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