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Global SEO activities increased designer furniture company’s online visibility by 258%


Industry: Danish designer furniture company

improved online visibility

high-quality links

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Carl Hansen & Søn is a renowned family-owned Danish furniture company with a history stretching back over a century. Carl Hansen have entrusted MediaGroup with developing their SEO strategy and its implementation.

Our main objectives included

Improve website visibility on Google.

Optimize the on-site elements for both the global market (English site), as well as targeted local markets.

Build an effective, long-term SEO strategy for Carl Hansen & Søn’s website.

Grow organic traffic to the website. 

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Comprehensive audit

We carried out an in-depth technical SEO audit to evaluate the website against SEO best practices, ensuring all possible content is accessible to search engines. In the SEO audit report, we diagnosed some areas of relative weakness on the site and provided immediately actionable recommendations to improve them.

We completed an off-site SEO audit in line with the project scope, as well as link building, keyword research and competitor comparison. The goal was to evaluate and identify which off-site SEO strategy would be most valuable for the Carl Hansen & Søn website.

Based on all findings from the SEO audits, we developed a recommended strategy to achieve the best possible SEO campaign results.

Content marketing team



Our major focus for this campaign has been to improve key SEO metrics and ensure the security of all SEO efforts. The idea underpinning this approach was to make the link-building process both safe and natural.

In the first stage of our SEO campaign, we focused on brand visibility. Then, we worked towards the general improvement of domain SEO factors. After this, we aimed to boost the online visibility of the brand by targeting selected industry keywords.

Since our approach was fully transparent, each month we updated a dedicated SEO dashboard presenting detailed results and month-on-month changes. Constant updates including key metrics, obtained results and recommendations for further steps, all contribute to a transparent and responsive SEO strategy.

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On-site optimization

We ran an SEO audit to evaluate the website’s compliance with SEO best practices, ensuring all possible content is accessible to search engines, as well as providing our suggested recommendations with assigned prioritizations. A non-exhaustive selection of the analyzed elements includes:

  • Loading speed
  • Content tagging
  • Content
  • Image optimization
  • Site structure & navigation
  • Compliance & construction
  • URL structure
  • txt & sitemap
  • Mobile-friendliness
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Off-site optimization

We helped our client create a natural, safe and diverse link profile by generating links from many different types of sources:

  • Links from articles. We prepared articles containing the site links and published these on various industry niche websites, which enabled us to improve the company’s site ranking and generate direct traffic.
  • Links from directories. We submitted the client’s website to the main local and global directories with categories related to its industry niche.
  • Links from blogs. Publishing short articles that include the relevant site links is a very popular form of link-building, particularly since this tactic allows the inclusion of links inside highly relevant text content on industry blogs.
  • Forum links. Audience commentaries on industry-related forums complement a well-diversified link profile. 
  • Link reclamation. We found many websites had mentioned our client on their website without clickable links. We managed to turn them into clickable links which helped to generate direct traffic alongside boosting our client’s SEO presence.
  • Competitor links. Analysing the competitor link profile, we identified valuable links and acquired similar ones for Carl Hansen & Søn.


Our joint strategy achieved significant results in 2021. Compared to 2020, growth was seen across all metrics.

The number of top 100 ranked unique keywords grew month on month. By the end of 2021, we were able to improve the visibility of the Carl Hansen & Søn website by 258% compared to the start of the campaign in October 2020.

New referrals drove a significant diversification of the site’s link profile. In 2021, we provided over one thousand high-quality links from trusted, industry-relevant sites for the global market.

Most of the keywords for the Danish, Swedish, Japanese and German sites improved or kept their top-ranking positions.

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What contributed to our success?

  • High-quality links formed the backbone of this campaign. Not many SEO agencies have such extensive publisher relations that allow them to build comparably high-quality link campaigns.
  • A focus on transparency meant we provided the client with complete and actionable recommendations for what needed to be done in each target market, with a schedule of priorities.
  • We set specific, measurable targets and worked towards achieving them within set timeframes, monitoring the results and presenting them in a dedicated dashboard, fine-tuning our strategy as needed in a continuous review.
  • Our link building strategy created a safe and diverse link profile by acquiring links from many different source types, cooperating with relevant directories, distributing press releases to increase brand awareness, all while building social media presence and turning brand mentions into clickable links.
  • We conducted a complete keyword research process, allowing us to produce huge lists of relevant keywords within the sector. 

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