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Global paid advertising activities resulted in a rapid 150% increase in qualified leads

PPC · Social

Industry: Satellite communications systems

qualified marketing leads

average CTR

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Cobham Satcom has led satellite communications technology for the maritime segment for over 70 years and 40 years on land. With a persistent focus on innovation, the company delivers solutions that enable many private and government companies and individuals to be connected when it really matters.  

Through exploring new technologies and partnerships, Cobham Satcom designs and manufactures high-performance radio and communication terminals, gateways, and system solutions under the Sailor, Sea Tel, Explorer, and Tracker brands. 

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The global paid campaign was launched in 10 markets in total.

The most relevant platforms were selected after considering client objectives, which included raising brand awareness and reach, generating more interest in Cobham products, and collecting leads. We used Meta, LinkedIn, and Google Ads to reach the target audience with gated content, offering, among others, a whitepaper download.

Different combinations of ad copies, videos, and images were tested with a focus on traffic and conversion generation. We targeted users interested in maritime connection, innovation, and emerging technologies. Besides broad Top-of-Funnel audiences, we also included warmer audiences from the Middle and Bottom-of-Funnel in our advertising strategy.  

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What challenges did MediaGroup tackle? 

We observed intense market competition after the summer and pretty limited reach within the given industry. However, our experts’ constant campaign monitoring and proactive optimizations helped keep the performance high during the whole campaign execution. 


The main campaign’s goals were to make some noise in the industry, increase brand awareness, build positive brand perception, drive traffic to the new website and eventually generate leads. With our efforts, Cobham’s PPC and social strategy by MediaGroup reached significant results in Q3 2022:  

The campaign generated a 150% increase in qualified marketing leads.  

Due to our optimization techniques, we were able to ensure a 0,35 EUR average CPC for our campaign.  

We also saw high reach within the target audience and significant engagement with an average CTR of 2%, which is above the benchmark for the industry. 

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