From Strategy to Execution

A fully outsourced marketing approach pays off in the online trading industry

In 2014, MediaGroup worked with Swiss banking group Cornèr to develop and launch their modern online trading business. Responsible for a full range of services, from strategy to execution, MediaGroup worked with the bank as a fully outsourced marketing department.

The approach paid off for the bank, delivering thousands of clients and quickly becoming the best performing partner of their trading technology provider, Saxo Bank. In terms of operational marketing services, the largest part of the business generated came from organic search (through our strong focus on SEO), followed by paid search and display advertising.

For our SEO team, the goal was to increase relevant online visits through organic search. Through our unique and scalable link building approach, the team quickly ranked the client’s website on the top of industry search results, leading to a steep increase in traffic (from 0 to 24K/month only in organic visits) and new clients. The SEO efforts eventually amounted to more than 60% of total new business generated, and an outsized ROI.

Besides SEO, MediaGroup worked on paid media, including paid search advertising. This PPC effort generated 100s of new accounts and – through our optimisations – managed to keep the cost per account going down month after month while increasing acquisition volume. To illustrate; over a 4-month period from the start of the campaign, a decrease of nearly 50% in cost per acquisition was achieved.

Working with companies looking to grow new business lines or scale up their acquisition funnel is what MediaGroup does every day. If you are looking to do so, but don’t have the internal resources to deliver the marketing side, get in touch for a chat with us today.


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