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Custom modern website to generate leads and attract potential employees

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Industry: International marketing agency

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MediaGroup is a key partner to enterprise and larger mid-market firms. Working closely with major B2B and B2C clients across Europe and Asia, we help them grow by transforming their digital marketing process.

A truly international company, MediaGroup operates globally and currently has offices in Denmark, Poland and Hong Kong. You can also find our business representatives in Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.



Our target audience

In terms of business: our clients include both B2B and B2C mid- to enterprise-level companies. Most clients operate in the finance, manufacturing and luxury products industries. Services to execute the chosen strategy often include on- and off-site SEO, PPC advertising, Social Media advertising, Content Marketing or Display advertising.

In terms of staff: we employ digital marketing experts from around the world. Our employees are a part of our agency family. We are constantly looking to build a better work environment where all employees feel motivated and happy with their work.   

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Considering the high level of competition and current digital trends, MediaGroup decided to refresh the website design and general visual identity to position itself as a reliable business partner and a modern, attractive employer, thus generating more leads and job applications.

The task was to refresh the pages, improving user experience on desktops and mobile devices, which can impact sales/lead generation – how our potential clients perceive MediaGroup and what information they can get.  

Considering the agency’s constant growth, we also needed to create a career page for employer branding and recruitment purposes, including information about MediaGroup as an Employer and our open positions. 

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We conducted competitor research for inspiration and selected a few benchmarks to which we can aspire in terms of appearance and information structure.  

As we value our employees' feedback, we also surveyed them on our current website. The team members were unanimous that it needs improvement regarding the overall design and information architecture, mobile user experience, the visual part and the content. They also provided us with valuable insights and best practices. 

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We expected our website to be clear, attractive, visually uncluttered and easy to navigate, while at the same time presenting our agency in a serious way to potential mid-market to enterprise clients.  

Taking into account latest digital trends, we introduced new colours, visual elements with a strong focus on highlighting our international presence by showing our offices and high-quality staff photos. 

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The challenge was to ensure that our new website is fast, lightweight, super secure, in line with technical and on-site SEO best practices and supports multiple languages. Based on our experience and research, we concluded that a simple WordPress solution would not work for us. So, we focused on building a custom site from scratch based on Strapi's headless CMS and nextjs.  

We worked in sprints, collaborating closely with an external developer and our IT specialist, UX designer, SEO team, agency marketing manager and partners to ensure smooth flow and quickly resolve any issues or doubts.  

The full development process took us 6 months.

Content marketing team


SEO and content creation

With the support of insights from our department heads and agency partners, our in-house content marketing team created valuable content for our general and services pages. We wanted to clearly describe all our services and operations so users could quickly navigate and find the information they wanted about MediaGroup.  

Our SEO team developed broad clusters of the main keywords we needed to focus on for our website based on competitor research and our business needs. Alongside this, they also carried out various audits to make sure our site was well-optimized.  

Thanks to our international team's multilingual knowledge, we quickly created three additional language versions of our website: Danish, Polish and Chinese. 

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Final result

See for yourself and explore our new website:

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