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Global Social Media campaign generated 2,700+ B2B leads in 6 months

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Industry: Global acoustic solutions supplier

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rochfon wood panel


Rockfon is a B2B Danish company concentrating on acoustic design solutions since 1963. Since then, the company has extended to more than 70 countries.   

In September 2022, Rockfon was on a journey to bring their new acoustic design products to paid marketing channels to reach B2B audiences. Prior that they only concentrated on tiles and grids.  

They launched cooperation with international marketing agency MediaGroup Worldwide to implement a paid social media strategy across 19 markets: AT, BE, CZ, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, UK, IE, IT, LU, MT, NL, NO, PL, PT, RO and SE.  

In the 6-month period, our team applied technical knowledge and expertise to bring the best performance and simultaneously fulfil all the client's needs across different markets. 


To achieve a lead KPI of 700 in 3 months with CPL at 200 EUR

To achieve 29,000,000 impressions in 6 months. 

To achieve 2,000,000 Video Views in 3 months. 

people working on laptops


The mission was to assist the well-established Danish company in reaching a new audience in six months, building brand awareness on Rockfon as a brand and its new range of design products and generating MQLs across all the countries where the design products were launched.

The most relevant platforms were selected after considering client objectives, which included raising brand awareness and reach, generating more interest in Rockfon’s new design products, and collecting B2B leads.  

Our online activities complemented the client's offline efforts, events and one-to-one meetings to raise awareness of their new design products.

Rockfon ad creatives

Paid social campaigns

The platforms we used were Meta, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. The paid marketing campaigns were firstly concentrated at the first phase of campaigns, tapping into the Top of the funnel to deliver brand awareness and generate traffic to the new microsite. Later on, when we moved to the second phase of campaigns, we ran lower funnel campaigns retargeting the users who showed engagement in the first phase. And in the last phase of campaigns, we reached the bottom of the funnel of Rockfon’s customer journey to generate MQLs (potential B2B clients).

To measure the main KPIs, campaign performance on all the platforms was evaluated based on the following parameters: Impressions, Video Views, Website Clicks and Leads. However, other parameters were not excluded but taken into consideration as they can affect achieving the main KPIs. 

mediagroup copenhagen team on a meeting

Copenhagen team, see other locations

Target audience 

During the whole campaign period, there were many different audiences tested. However, the primary campaigns targeting takeaways included people aged 25-65+ who were interested, highly educated, or worked in architecture, design, and art fields (i.e. interior designer and workspace planners).

Targeting options also included retargeting and lookalikes audiences of our client’s website, video ads, platform page, and custom email list uploads. The campaign was aimed at targeting desktop and mobile users. 

Lamella product ad and Rockfon's dedicated hub

Ad creative approach

Different combinations of creatives such as images, videos, carousel, and instant experiences were tested in different types of platforms and funnels with a focus on gaining awareness and lead generation.

The creative idea was to integrate the basic information about the products into 15s videos and use different ad formats. After A/B testing, we found out that video creatives helped to maximize the different media channel approaches.

Below listed creative was leading people to fill in a Facebook form. It was also one of the ad creatives that performed overall the best. With a delivery of:

  • Leads: 2,449​
  • Impressions: 4,854,042​
  • Clicks: 36,402​
  • Spend: 71,152.21 ​
  • CPL: 29,05 ​ 
Case study internal  (576 x 430).webp



After testing both Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Meta, we found that LinkedIn and Pinterest were not the platforms for our client to generate qualified leads. However, even though they didn’t deliver a satisfying number of leads, they helped us reach goals with Video Views and Impressions, which brought a lot of awareness about their products and generated significant traffic to their website and social media channels.

After this case, we understood that LinkedIn's main challenge was to build retargeting pools that were big enough to be implemented in the campaigns. Unfortunately, we couldn't fast sufficiently the process because generating traffic on the microsite and, consequently, the retargeting pool took some time.  

However, in this case, we found that the META algorithm works well when generating RET and LAL audiences, primarily based on forms. Using these audiences was a winning strategy. 


Our objectives were to improve brand visibility and eventually generate qualified B2B MQL leads at scale.  

As a result of our analytical approach, Rockfon's full-funnel paid social media strategy by MediaGroup achieved significant results in August 2022-January 2023. We met not only all KPIs but also exceeded them. 

In total, we generated 2,738 leads through social media with an average CPL of 58.60 EUR with 421% of the goal reached. 

For the whole 6 months of running the campaigns, we had to reach a KPI of 29,000,000 impressions. After running campaigns in the Top, Middle, and Bottom of the funnel, we were able to reach the impression KPI of exactly 104% of the goal requested by the client. 

At the Top and Middle of the funnel, we were applying strategies to reach a KPI of 2,000,000 video views. After running these campaigns for three months, we got 2,940,373 videos with a reach of 147%. 

Website clicks played a significant role in our activities, as we targeted a new audience to the client’s new microsite, which helped us generate RET and LAL audiences. In total, we generated 69 890 website clicks across all platforms. 

Krakow team during the meeting

Kraków team, see other locations


B2B clients are also real human beings scrolling through the news feed on different social media platforms. Through our full-funnel approach, continuous testing and reviewing results, we found new innovative ways of reaching these audiences.

Our success was proven in our six-month-long global campaign, which obtained impressive results on a large scale. With the number of impressions, video views, and leads gathered, we exceeded all our KPIs.

We are delighted with the success of our full-funnel social media campaign across all 19 markets with Rockfon, and we are pleased to say that our efforts are appreciated as we continue our partnership with the client. 

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