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Cross-channel campaign across PPC, SEO and Social Media yielded 17X ROAS

PPC · SEO · Social

Industry: Danish luxury skincare brand



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Rudolph Care's sun series Sun Body Oil SPF 30


Rudolph Care is an award-winning Danish brand focusing on sustainable, luxury, and organic skincare. 
Since 2022, Rudolph Care has entrusted MediaGroup Worldwide with supporting their local (DK, NO, FR) and global online marketing activities, covering PPC, Social and SEO activities.

Our client aimed to increase the sales and revenue return with optimum market budget control concerning seasonal and promotional factors.

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Hong Kong team, see other location

PPC account audit

We conducted a thorough account audit and competitive analysis to indicate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It covered account management, performance overview, competition, and potential new markets.

We discovered Google Ads account management errors (low account optimization score, redundant keywords, repetitive ad content, non-existent implementation of newest PPC trends, such as RSA, DSA, broad keyword match). From competitor analysis, we saw potential in Scandinavia and North Europe.

PPC Ads Rudolph Care

PPC full-funnel restructure

We created tailored PPC campaigns for different product segments, ensuring messaging would resonate with each group's specific preferences. Incorporating retargeting audiences allowed us to re-engage potential customers that had previous interactions with the brand.

We divided the content into 3 funnel stages with optimum messaging and CTAs.

  • ToFu (non-conversion based) campaigns drove brand awareness in generic keywords such as ‘skincare’ with broader CTAs.
  • MoFu (conversion-based) campaigns created relationships with search audiences and drove lead generation with more specific product terms, such as 'Danish skincare' and ‘luxurious skincare brand'. 
  • BoFu (conversion-based) campaigns won purchases and quotes using very specific product, brand, and product terms. RLSA was applied to a previously engaged audience.

We applied the broad match, responsive search, and smart bidding approaches to capture more audience signals for Google ads’ machine learning.  

mediagroup copenhagen team on a meeting

Copenhagen team, see other locations

Automated features in Search

Implementing RSA (Responsive Search Ads) and DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) automated features was essential for Rudolph Care. 

RSA ads displayed personalized content and reached more potential customers. DSA ads served as a perfect brand inventory expansion. We also conducted a monthly analysis to determine winning and losing keywords, to reduce ad costs. 

The high focus was set on RLSA (Remarketing lists for search ads) audiences, which contributed to reaching a total ROAS of 11.33 in the DK market.

Team discussing social media strategy

Paid social campaigns

In May 2023, Rudolph Care ran a friends and family sale, where customers with the discount code could save 40%. Because of this sale, MediaGroup received a lot of data into the cookie pool on which we based lookalikes and retargeting, which improved social campaign performance throughout May.

Focusing on conversion-oriented stages (MoFu and BoFu), we ran campaigns on Meta, Pinterest and TikTok, testing different creatives and approaches. Targeting concentrated on loyal customers (retargeting) and finding new potential customers interested in beauty products, sustainability, fashion or Rudolph Care competitors.

Our social team developed lookalike audiences directly from customer data, social media profiles, and purchasing behavior to improve performance. In addition, we retargeted site visitors, social media platforms visitors and previous buyers. The campaign was aimed at targeting desktop and mobile users.

To avoid any annoyance and help the algorithm find new customers, we excluded people who had purchased in the last five days. 

Rudolp Care website mockup

SEO activities

Our main objectives included improving Rudolph Care’s website visibility on Google and building an effective, long-term SEO strategy while growing valuable organic traffic to general and product pages.

We helped our client create a natural, safe and diverse link profile by generating links from many sources (articles, blogs, directories, forums etc.).

The biggest SEO challenges were seasonal changes of key pages and keywords for link-building activities during winter and summer seasonal sales campaigns.

Since our approach was fully transparent, we updated a dedicated SEO dashboard presenting detailed results and month-on-month changes each month. Constant updates, including critical metrics, obtained results and recommendations for further steps, all contribute to a transparent and responsive SEO strategy. 


From June 2022 to May 2023, we saw significant growth in brand awareness across all markets and an increase in Sales and ROAS in May 2023, especially in the DK market.  

    Our PPC activities contributed to the increased monthly sales volume of 45.05%, revenue by 55.41%, performance by 87.5%, and we achieved ROAS 17.34 in May 2023 in the DK market.  

The SEO link-building campaign yielded a 280% increase in Orders, a 31% improvement in the number of sessions and a 23% improvement in New Users. 

    Social activities achieved 477 purchases with ROAS 6.98 across both conversion and traffic campaigns and all markets and ROAS 11.21 exclusively for DK. We also generated +1,8 million impressions and +57K clicks, 3.07% CTR and CPC DKK 1.25. 

Seasonal sales campaigns helped maximize conversion and ROAS for all markets. 

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