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B2B company's digital marketing transformation yields 2 300% ROAS

PPC · SEO · Display

Industry: Lift table manufacturer


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Sax Lift is a leading lift table manufacturer and provider of lift table solutions in Europe. Its products range from scissor lift tables, mobile scissor lift tables to customized lifting solutions in 20 markets. Sax Lift’s main business objective is to profitably generate qualified leads, thus generating orders for lift tables.

In 2019, an under-digitized B2B company was bought by a capital fund in Denmark to start a digital transformation for the business. During the process, the main focus was set on building the inbound marketing channel as the lead business driver.

Throughout the Covid-19 wave, Sax Lift was eager to get more out of its marketing budget by focusing more towards online advertisement, continuously improving the efficiency from those advertising activities. 

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We developed a new campaign structure that aligns different stages in the customer journey, from shopping campaigns to automation with lead-generation marketing objectives and finally with sales as an end goal.

A cross-channel marketing strategy was implemented across PPC, RTB and SEO to create a cohesive customer journey for Sax Lift's target audience in the lift table industry while generating high-quality leads at scale and maximizing B2B revenue alongside turnover with the addition of a new customer base.

Sax Lift PPC Google Ads examples

PPC campaign

The PPC campaign restructure was launched in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland in Q2 2021, and it is gradually rolling out in all 20 markets with local translation.

Our strategy covered:

  • data research for internal and external insights; 
  • audience segmentation for customized ad copy, keywords and landing pages; 
  • keyword selection based on user intent.

Further, MediaGroup applied keyword deep linking, responsive search ads and retargeting list search ads to enhance the search results experience and heighten the chance of qualified leads. As our agency keeps abreast of digital ad updates, image extensions were set with brand and product images to strengthen CTR and enlarge ad visibility. Besides, smart shopping was launched to acquire new customers and retain the highest-value audience.

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Search Engine Optimization

The SEO team focused on improvements in crawlability by search engines, such as the sitemap, redirections, and interlinking optimizations, as well as an advanced optimization system to enhance website speed and structure the data. In addition to the undertaken technical optimizations, MGWW has developed a high-quality link building campaign, that focused on identifying industry-related keywords following an in-depth keyword analysis.

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RTB activities

RTB supported the activities of other channels by running retargeting campaigns for visitors of the Sax Lift website from all traffic sources. Main goal was to focus on users from the middle and bottom funnel (consideration and decision stages). Using machine learning and continuous optimization has yielded good results, that in turn translated into generating high-quality leads and increased sales.

During the campaign, various solutions and approaches have been tested, such as audience segmentation, frequency optimization and creative testing to achieve the highest possible CTR.

Any user who generated a lead was automatically excluded from the campaign. MGWW found parameters that not only increased conversions, but also did not cause user fatigue with the ads served.


Sax Lift’s cross-channel marketing strategy by MGWW has reached significant results and massive sales improvement in 2021, compared to 2020.

Sax Lift’s revenue in 2021 increased by 35% year-on-year.

Number of new B2B customers increased by 83.3%.

Impression increased by 164% and click through rate improved by 33.8%.

Number of new quotes and repeated quotes uplifted by 47.9% and 35.2%.

Average CVR FRA quote to sale improved to 35%. In UK, in normal seasons, one lead would guarantee one quote. UK Market also reached a doubled revenue return in 2021 1H, compared to that in 2020.

80% increase in lead results (leads ad sales) and CPL has decreased by 50%.

The success also comes from the MGWW efforts on statistical analysis to project the optimum monthly budget level in the markets where the campaign was implemented using a restructuring approach on Google and Bing platforms.

In early Q2 2021, the team investigated the relationship between cost and Leads/Sales. Upon correlation analysis, it is found that 62% of Leads/Sales can be explained by cost in all markets and 68.5% in DE and UK of Leads/Sales can be explained by cost as well. Hence, 80% – 100% increase in monthly budget can positively affect the results of Leads/Sales respectively.

In addition to the above, the statistical analysis reflected the seasonality of lead performance. For instance, we observed less lead-driven potential in August and December 2021 in the United Kingdom due to holiday period. This shed light on seasonal budget planning to obtain the most favorable CPL for Sax Lift.

This statistical practice will follow in all markets to achieve the ideal CPL control vs. cost effectiveness.

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