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Global SEO campaign to own the category yielded a 40% increase in organic traffic


Industry: Collaborative robot manufacturer

in organic traffic

in number of event attendees

in linking domains

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Universal Robots (UR) is the leading manufacturer of collaborative robotic arms and automation solutions used by institutions worldwide.

When a brand is the first or the biggest in an industry, the marketing strategy should be to grow that industry and not just the brand. As such, we recognize that our client, as a leader in the robotics industry, needs more than just generating significant organic traffic. They need to own the category to underline the company's leading position and set the base for growing the industry. With our globally scaled SEO program, we assisted them in increasing B2B audience awareness of their brand, industry and category in many local markets.


The main objective was to educate their target audience and create a narrative that UR is the cobot industry, and the cobot industry is UR

As the activity of UR is focused on B2B sales, we emphasise on the number of registrations for events conducted by our client. Besides being seen as a leader, the conversion goal was to grow the number of event participants in all markets by 250%.  

We aimed to improve the positions of key phrases related to cobots in local European markets, local Asian markets and global markets – 16 in total.  

The campaign’s aim was also organic traffic growth within the entire UR domain

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First, a comprehensive SEO audit was prepared, indicating areas for improvement on the UR’s website. We checked it against dozens of factors, among which we selected nine elements that required optimization:

  • title tags,
  • meta descriptions,
  • header tags,
  • duplicated pages,
  • hreflang tags,
  • sitemap issues,
  • redirects,
  • broken links,
  • invalid markups.

Technical improvements made the website more receptive to search engine bots, which was the first step to increasing the number of indexed pages displayed in SERPs.

At the same time, a link acquisition campaign was conducted, during which we obtained valuable links from websites highly rated by search engines through guest posting and outreach efforts.  

mockup Universal Robots website

SEO content strategy

We implemented an SEO content strategy based on keyword research. Our content gap analysis showed that UR had no focus on cobots-related articles to increase website authority around the subject. After mapping existing and planned pages with targeted keywords, we launched the cobots-dedicated blog content campaign. 

The articles were created with high readability, contained visual materials, and followed best SEO practices (such as internal linking and header structure optimization), targeting managers and executives of companies whose work can be supported by robots. Users have seen the value of new, engaging content, as evidenced by the increase in sessions by 148%. 

Case study internal  (576 x 430) (4).webp

Central information hub

UR also hosts events and webinars to attract new customers and educate them on the potential of collaborative robots. Therefore, we transformed the subdomain into the central information hub for events to increase the number of registrations. The platform launched after the pandemic outbreak and, thanks to our content efforts, began to build visibility in search engines in 2021, contributing to the increase in the number of participants in UR’s events. 

Our approach was fully transparent: we created a dashboard containing key metrics, had regular meetings with Universal Robots and sent out monthly reports to ensure everything was on track. 


From June 2021 to the present day, MediaGroup managed to fulfil and even exceed all KPIs set when the campaign started. 

UR is ranking in first place on SERPs for the keyword ‘cobot’ in global markets. 

Traffic increased by 40% in terms of sessions from organic channels, crossing 1 million sessions per year. 

Publishing high-quality articles increased blog share from 9% to 17% of total organic traffic brought to the site. 

There was a significant increase in linking domains of approximately 30% noticed in Ahrefs. 

The total number of attendees for events and webinars organized by UR increased by 574%

We are proud of our global SEO program, which yielded increased awareness among B2B audiences, greater engagement with content and events, and first place rankings, positioning our client as an industry leader. 

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