Scaling up B2B sales with online content advertising

When MediaGroup started their cooperation in 2018 with Universal Robots, a robotic automation company, they were doing most of their marketing the old-fashioned way. Attending conferences, placing print ads in industry publications, and employing a large sales force and distributors to generate new business.

Knowing that there was an opportunity to scale up their acquisition funnel through online advertising, the company asked us to design a media strategy that would generate high quality new business leads for their salesforce, globally.

Starting with an audit of the marketing efforts and performance data to that point, MediaGroup concluded that while awareness in the market place was high (as they are the global market leader), not enough efforts were employed to shape brand preference, and to generate conversions through acquisition advertising.

Initially using a variety of content in the form of whitepapers, MediaGroup was able to get the thought leadership content in front of a relevant audience, shaping their thoughts about the brand as a industry leader while at the same time generating thousands of leads through sign up forms and the like.

The campaign kicked off in April 2018, targeting 18 countries, and was expanded to further regions (24+) later in 2018. To further scale up volumes, various platforms were introduced, including Global (Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, DV360), and local ones (Y!Japan, Naver, Baidu, WeChat, Kakao etc.).

Besides paid media, a focus was put on utilizing the clients’ site and content to generate organic new business through concerted SEO efforts in a variety of search engines and countries. The SEO work included on-site optimizations and link building, which resulted in a dramatic increase in organic traffic, and subsequently business generated through inbound queries.

The campaign has been running for 2 years now, lead volume is high (thousands per month), cost per lead goal maintained (below $25), and lead quality is high. The campaign is running across all teams and offices at MediaGroup; a truly international affair. Our efforts in generating these results, closely cooperating and communicating with the client, have been appreciated:

“As the global leader in robotic automation it is important for us to work with an agency that can provide worldwide coverage and deliver on our business goals; MediaGroup has certainly done both over the period we have been working with them. MGWW are running campaigns for Universal Robots in 24 markets across the world. They utilize a variety of online channels to generate thousands of quality B2B leads for our enterprise salesforce, and simultaneously have done a great job creating awareness and preference for our brand and products since 2018.”

Working with companies looking to scale up their acquisition funnel globally is what MediaGroup does every day. If you are looking to do so, and need an agency partner that feels more like an external marketing department, get in touch for a chat with us today.


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