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Living your Company’s Brand

The other day I got some butter from the supermarket in Zug, Switzerland. Interesting story, I know, but bear with me here. The reason I am writing about this today is that this was no normal butter. It was branded ‘Heidi’ in a beautifully folded paper wrapper, adorned… Read More

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Brand Marketing for Financial Companies (Video)

A major focus – and expense – of most brokerage firms is acquiring new traders in order to continue to grow their business. In this interview for Dukascopy TV, Andrew Saks-McLeod (CEO of Finance Feeds) and Bart Burggraaf (head of the London office of Media… Read More

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Broker Positioning & Branding (Video)

The foreign exchange brokerage market has become saturated with new firms that were attracted by the sharp rise in trading volume. Vastly improved technology reduced entry costs and made it possible for them to compete with the established players. In this interview on Dukascopy TV, Andrew Saks-McLeod… Read More

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Better Brand Building for Brokers

When a company comes to the stage where the frantic focus on leads and accounts on a day to day basis has given way to medium to long term planning, brokers often start thinking about their ‘brand’ and how they can grow awareness and positive brand associations. It makes sense… Read More

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What Financial Advertising is Working?

It seems like a simple question, yet the answer can be elusive. Most financial marketers look at direct response (if at all) in order to gauge performance. Metrics like click through rate, inbound telephone calls and even leads generated are tracked back to their source and tallied in cost-per-action type figures. This can be misleading. Read More

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Differentiation in Financial Services

Financial products are commoditizing faster than ever. At the same time, margins are quickly disappearing in a quest for short term volumes. It is in this environment that the shrewdest marketers are managing the opposite. They ask for high margins and carve a niche so deep that clients will jump through hoops to get the chance to become a client. *Almost* no selling required. Read More

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Building Financial Websites for Conversion

ABC, ‘Always Be Closing’ is the mantra of many financial companies’ sales people, but even a quick scan of many of their websites reveals that this is often not the case for their online presence. The number one question companies should ask themselves about their website is ‘what do I want my site to do?’. If you want it to generate accounts, you should make sure that every page is build to take away barriers to that action. Read More

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