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Are your Ads Being Viewed by Robots?

Research estimates anywhere between 30% and 60% of display ads are viewed by robots. Think about that for a moment. Right now, at least 30% of your display advertising budget might as well be flushed through the toilet. How much of an impact would it make on your bottom line… Read More

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Print Publications are Going Digital

Like many other industries, the print industry is going more and more digital out of necessity. Take the iconic publication ‘Newsweek’ which has announced it will be going all digital by end of this year. Following this, The Telegraph newspaper has introduced a subscription model to its electronic… Read More

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Tracking Systems for Display Advertising

The gift of online marketing is that everything is measurable. It’s a gift because for the first time in history we know exactly what marketing works and what doesn’t. We know what message in what medium brings us results and we can optimize them in ‘real-time’. Read More

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