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Ways to show up on Google News?

If you consider your website content news-worthy—whether it’s current global news or industry-related—you need to know how to show up on Google News. Does getting into Google News mean another set of SEO rules and guidelines to follow? Well, yes—Google News SEO best practices are needed to help your pages… Read More

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Broker marketing in the UK post-Brexit

Perhaps the biggest worry for brokers after Brexit is passporting. Will EU brokers be allowed to do business in the UK and will UK brokers be able to do business in the EU? I personally think that when the UK leaves the EU, there will be a comprehensive package on the table to ensure passporting continues. But you never know. Most of the larger UK regulated brokers have been regulated elsewhere, in addition to the UK, and for those outside the UK that want to get traders there; well the UK is an important market, but one of many. Plus you will have at least a few years to prepare, so perhaps things aren’t that bad. Read More

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Marketing of Forex in France

In an article on LeapRate, a leading online trading industry publication, our Managing Director was quoted extensively on the subject of increased regulation regarded FX marketing in France. LeapRate today spoke to FX marketing specialist Bart Burggraaf, Managing Director & Partner at MediaGroup London, to ascertain… Read More

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The Mobile Advertising Revolution

The popularity of smartphones, tablets and the application revolution has resulted in more than double mobile advertising figures, reaching £500 million this year. A large part of that growth comes from application stores such as Apple’s and Google’s, since about 60% of the UK’s adult population owns… Read More

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