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Keeping up with consumer behavior: social immediacy

Consumer behavior has changed forever. Online avenues allow your customers to get what they want, when they want. And if your company doesn’t provide a way, someone else will. Case in point; the movie and record industry. In this regard, Tommy Hilfiger’s evolution to a See Now,… Read More

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Luxury brands should get influencer marketing right

Let’s get something out of the way. Influencer Marketing is not a difficult to grasp marketing concept. It is basically like a sponsorship. You sponsor someone with a following on Instagram or YouTube (for example), in order to show and talk about your brand and its products to… Read More

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The Great Unbundling

If you think about most major industries, over time the companies offering products or services go from being generalist to specialists. They start off offering a major product and literally begin an industry this way. Then come along smaller players who ‘unbundle’ specific aspects of the business model… Read More

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Are you making your customers actively happy?

We all heard about the studies that show it is cheaper to keep a customer and increase your earnings on them, instead of getting new customers. In my mind, the key metric that shows if a client is going to stay with you is not the amount of business these… Read More

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(Not) understanding the customer journey

Think about the last time you bought a more important item online. Did you – as many online marketers wishfully summarize from inconclusive data – search for the product category and directly buy the product from a PPC ad? Or did you spend hours and hours reading reviews, asking for… Read More

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Marketing is about Discovery and Attention

Getting people to discover your brand, and getting their attention for the right reason, is 99% of the job of a marketing person. I think that’s a pretty uncontroversial statement, yet many companies don’t rationally market this way. If you as a marketer firmly believe that facilitating discovery… Read More

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I’d like to Smash your Brand into Pieces.

No, I am not suggesting I will go around your office tearing up brochures or ripping logo’s off the wall. Although that would be fun. The strictly theoretical question for you to answer is; is your brand still recognizable when you smash any part of your marketing collateral… Read More

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The Golden Rule of the Brokerage Industry

Last I checked it’s 2017, and definitely not 1999. Yet when looking at the experience of becoming and being a customer with many brokers, you would think time stopped since the year the Euro was introduced. Due to compliance rules it’s pretty difficult to become a… Read More

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