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Is SEO Really Dead for Forex and Binary?

Google was revolutionary. No search engine before it took the approach that it did, and Google was rewarded with an enormous cash cow as a result. When we ask questions like ‘should we be doing SEO’ the real question should be ‘what kind of SEO should we do,… Read More

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Payday Loan Advertising after the Google Ban

After Google and Facebook banned Payday Loan companies from advertising their products, direct acquisition of new business has gotten a lot more difficult. The move is especially troublesome for those companies with little marketing budget, as the market leaders have built up a brand that allows them to… Read More

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The 7 Biggest SEO Mistakes Brokers Make

The promise of unlimited free clicks. Rising to the top of the search engines, gaining massive market share with little effort. Which marketer hasn’t daydreamed about this. Or perhaps I am the only one. When reality sinks in, we realize this stuff is hard work. Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO)… Read More

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Search Engine Advertising for Brokers

Brokers spend a lot of time and resources on marketing using banner ads. Creating banners, finding placements and sites that work, trafficking & tracking – let alone how much money is being spent on the placements themselves. Don’t get us wrong, Display marketing is obviously necessary to have a well-rounded marketing communications mix, and this tactic can be very effective in getting clients. The issue is that it takes away from the time and focus spent on search engine marketing. Read More

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Best Practices for Broker PPC Ads

Most brokers use Google Adwords in one way or another, it’s a great tool to generate leads and catch traders in the later stages of the conversion funnel. A great deal of importance is often placed on keywords and bidding strategy while the optimization of ad text is… Read More

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