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Ways to show up on Google News?

If you consider your website content news-worthy—whether it’s current global news or industry-related—you need to know how to show up on Google News. Does getting into Google News mean another set of SEO rules and guidelines to follow? Well, yes—Google News SEO best practices are needed to help your pages… Read More

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Succeed in Google Discover: know-how

Digital marketers know that they must stay one step ahead of the rest in understanding Google algorithms, core updates, and new features to succeed in this highly competitive industry. To best serve your clients or your business, you need to know how every single aspect of the search engine crawler… Read More

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How to Double your Conversions in 2017

Yes, we should all really go to the gym more. And eat healthy. Spend more time with the family. New Year’s resolutions aplenty, but I’d really like you to add another one to the list. This one is to do with business, and to be more precise, with… Read More

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7 Ways Brokers can Spy on Competitors

As Edward Snowden reminded the world, everything said and done on the internet is recorded. But beyond governments, commerce and the promise of measurable results have made it so that every company with the will and resources can extract useful information from competitors, and stay within the limits of the… Read More

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Tracking: What half of my marketing works?

Over a century ago, the department-store magnate John Wanamaker observed, “I know half my advertising dollars are wasted. I just don’t know which half.” Well, no more. With the help of DM principles we have the potential to know what works and what doesn’t, because whenever anyone does anything online, it’s recorded in a computer somewhere. Read More

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Tracking Systems for Display Advertising

The gift of online marketing is that everything is measurable. It’s a gift because for the first time in history we know exactly what marketing works and what doesn’t. We know what message in what medium brings us results and we can optimize them in ‘real-time’. Read More

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Managing Digital Marketing Tags on a Brokers Site

Digital marketers are used to working with a variety of systems for measurement and each system brings with it a new tag to put on the site. Among many, there is the analytics tag, adserving tag and the tags used for individual media partners such as Google Adwords… Read More

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