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Great Marketing Podcasts to Listen to in 2022-2023

There’s no doubt that podcasting has been booming – it is sure to stay. This is partially due to its convenience – podcasts can be listened to anytime and anywhere, even when someone is multitasking, especially in a professional environment. Moreover, listening to podcasts can help marketers who want… Read More

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A guide to SEO A/B testing

One of the bigger challenges companies face when they take their business online is visibility. Particularly, the lack of it. With millions of web pages floating around Google, it feels impossible to get even one foot in the door and show up on results pages, let alone rank high. We… Read More

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From offline to online – and 45,000 new customers

For the last six months, MediaGroup’s team of specialists have been consulting an under-digitized company, helping them kick in the door to online sales. The Danish-owned client sells supplements all over Europe. However, they were stuck in analog marketing traditions, longing for online success. By customizing an acute digital media… Read More

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SEO FAQ: 8 Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

When we talk with our potential and current clients, we often hear very similar or even the same SEO questions and quandaries. Therefore, we decided to collect them all in one place and engaged our team of SEO experts to provide comprehensive answers for the most common real-life concerns about… Read More

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“As the global leader in robotic automation it is important for us to work with an agency that can provide worldwide coverage and deliver on our business goals; MediaGroup has certainly done both over the period we have been working with them. MGWW are running campaigns for Universal Robots in… Read More

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