Is Digital Audio Sponsorship a good tactic for Acquisition?

With the first ‘blockbuster’ podcast Serial making waves, digital audio is experiencing an unexpected renaissance. As a result, we have noticed more financial services advertisers enquiring about these kinds of sponsorships in order to reach high net worth individuals.

Do we recommend sponsoring digital audio? It depends. On the one hand, digital audio is more expensive on average when looking at the cost per listener reached – compared to most channels – and it is less of a direct response channel then Display, for instance. On the other hand, the advantage is that the medium is very niche oriented and sponsorships are often of a more ‘intimate’ nature. So for our clients, we would recommend it as a great branding play but not so much a DM one. There are, however, ways to make the channel more ‘DM friendly’ – they include specific promotions for listeners or tracked websites and phone numbers in order to measure at least a part of the response from a specific sponsorship.

We were recently asked by the publication Digiday about Digital Audio sponsorships and the publisher Monocle, view the article here:

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