Do you SEO? An Opportunity for P2P Lending Companies

Do you SEO? An Opportunity for P2P Lending Companies image

At this stage of the P2P lending industry, things are getting competitive. We see lenders start to spend money on advertising in order to get investors, doing PR and content, working on their brand, and optimizing their websites for maximum conversion. And while those are worthwhile things to do, given how young this industry is, there are other marketing opportunities for those savvy enough to recognize them. One of those opportunities is SEO.

As of today, from Switzerland, the number one result in Google for ‘P2P lending’ is Wikipedia, followed by Zopa, LendingClub, and a bunch of information not related to any other provider. Sure, there are 6 P2P lenders advertising using AdWords, but given the fact that the organic results are not showing P2P lenders close to me tells me there is a huge opportunity.


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