Emotional advertising for Financial Services

A correctly formulated advertising campaign not only reminds the customers about the company and its products and services but also make them switch from its competitors. Building successful campaigns though represents a tremendously difficult task. With the coming winter holidays, Christmas being the most anticipated one, companies have started to come up with new ads that could better appeal to the emotional side of their customers

The British retailer Tesco has already launched a new advertising campaign, which focuses on its customers’ sentiments. The company’s previous year campaign was centred around low prices and deals on various products. The new marketing strategy, on the other hand, aims to appeal to its customers’ emotionally, ‘treating Christmas as a feeling’.

Emotional advertising might represent a good tactic for wining customers not only for retail companies, but also for companies operating in the financial sector. Brokerage companies are not an exception. In the current economic situation it is essential to promote low prices, security and reliable services. Various brokers choose to advertise these attributes in different ways, but the most efficient marketing strategy has always been the one that directly relates to the people’s feelings. Using various emotional marketing techniques, brokers can promote their strong points while ensuring that their customers have a sentimental connection with them.

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