Evergreen Content ┃The forgotten hammer in your SEO strategy toolbox?

Evergreen Content ┃The forgotten hammer in your SEO strategy toolbox? image

Opting for Evergreen Content (EGC) as part of an effective SEO strategy is not an either/or scenario. You can proceed with your existing content plan AND introduce an EGC strategy for generous increases in your ROI.

Evergreen Content are search engine optimised articles (blogs and various web pages) that provide data and answers to specific search queries which never goes out of style.

The data remains relevant and fresh to readers with a specific search query. Digital marketers know the value of top-end evergreen content as part of a well-rounded SEO strategy.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving—if you do it right.

It’s also a word thrown around in the SEO copywriting industry by digital marketers to promote their services—mostly without proper in-depth knowledge of how to produce it, how to optimise it and how to measure its actual value to your bottom line over time.

SEO is a long-term game, and evergreen content is beneficial and well-aligned with this area of expertise. It can deliver increased organic traffic consistently for extended periods even though it’s a one-off investment.

Let’s start by kicking down an old door: NO—your date of publication does not determine—nor prevent—your content’s classification as evergreen. Industry experts have rehashed this issue for years, and to sum it up best, here’s what Google’s John Mueller says about the issue of dates vs evergreen content:

“Why would an article be disadvantaged by a date? If it’s evergreen, then by definition, you don’t need to change it—no need to do anything special. Keep your dates. Make it great.”

Many marketers worry that user perception influences their evergreen rankings as it only makes sense that a newer article will have more up to date information. Although it’s a valid concern, you then must ask yourself whether your topics and content are genuinely optimised evergreens—which, by definition, means unchangeable, right?

If you focus on what John ends his statement with—making it extraordinary—and you know that this boils down to a strategic approach to creating website content PLUS optimising it, you’re on the right track. It’s your fast track to developing a successful evergreen content SEO strategy that’ll outperform some of your best technical efforts for years to come.

This point motivated us to take a deep dive into explaining precisely what evergreen content is, how to create it, how to optimise it, and its measurable benefits.

Choosing suitable topics and content that supports its unchanging nature is only the first step on this journey. If it’s accompanied by specific SEO Good Practices, from keyword research to optimising page quality, you’ll soon see the benefits add up.

When you develop an evergreen content strategy that hits the nail on the user intent head, you’ll reap measurable rewards for years to come as it gains momentum.

If a part of your website SEO strategy is developing a passive income—this is ground zero.

Our team of SEO experts and copywriters at MGWW recognise that good SEO content strategies take time to develop and execute and must have a lasting impact on your business. Head over to our latest blog, where our team share more specific tips and ideas on the topic.

If you’re interested in creating a comprehensive and successful evergreen content strategy, contact our SEO team and one of the senior team members will be happy to chat with you.

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