Facebook removes the 20% text rule in pictures for Ads

Facebook removes the 20% text rule in pictures for Ads image

Under this rule, FB didn’t allow images for advertising to have more than 20% text surface. The news of removal was officially announced just a few days ago. Magdalena Drzewicka, our head of operations, asks ‘what does this really mean?’.

In theory, we could say that advertisers have finally been listened to. And it is a really big thing, so everyone is looking to see a huge increase in reach, hence the results improving.

However – with a side note from Facebook mentioning that they see ads with less than 20% text working better, should we consider that they will still prefer the ‘less texty ones’? If so, that raises the question if the change is really that big – since even though, historically, text-heavy images in ads were rejected, we’ve noticed that Facebook has been gradually accepting some ads with more than 20% of text.

So we have actually already seen Facebook going from a “prohibit” to “limit” rule for a while. In this case we can just test and see.


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