Forget about Google, mastering SEO in China with Baidu

Forget about Google, mastering SEO in China with Baidu image

In a highly competitive industry, brokers across the board are seeing increasing acquisition costs through the traditional paid channels. As a result, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become a key element of most, if not all, brokers’ marketing tool box. Except in China, where most brokers still rely on traditional paid marketing with a heavy focus on media deals.

But the Chinese market, although big and attractive, is also being crowded by brokers, and acquisition costs are significantly higher than they used to be when using traditional media channels. Although characterized by a longer payback time, SEO consistently reduces the acquisition cost of brokers when given the right attention and investment.

In this article I will explain a little about how search in China works, and give some input on effective SEO tactics.



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