How to Double your Conversions in 2017

How to Double your Conversions in 2017 image

Yes, we should all really go to the gym more. And eat healthy. Spend more time with the family. New Year’s resolutions aplenty, but I’d really like you to add another one to the list. This one is to do with business, and to be more precise, with doubling your business.

That sounds overly optimistic, but it really isn’t. If you make this year about testing and optimizing, doubling or tripling your business in 2017 is doable. A lot of brokers rely on the opinion of the highest paid person. This image looks nice, or that headline fits the brand. But you don’t really know what works, until you test and use the results of the test as input for the next iteration, ad infinitum.

The Importance of Testing

Testing and optimizing is a way of doing business more than it is some task you take care of though. It touches not just what colour button you put on the landing page or the adwords ads you have in rotation. It can be as broad as testing a new platform or a new sales process. Rather than doing what seems right, the mantra for every part of the organisation needs to be ‘good suggestion, let’s test this’.


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