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Episode 23 | Fivefold growth in 5 years by building brand affinity

Hosted by Bart Burggraaf

While listening to our conversation with John Jorgenson, CMO at Cambium Learning Group, you will surely agree that their focus on building brand affinity and not merely awareness is what truly sets them apart. 

They focus on understanding the needs of the students and teachers they serve. Their approach to meeting challenges head-on with the pandemic has helped them create brand affinity amongst their users and their employees with their responsive Remote First campaign. They immediately considered how it affects each person in their organisation and used real emotional stories with customers in mind, which led to more brand affinity in return.

Putting people first has come full circle for the Cambium Learning Group as they steadily become first in their field in the USA and globally. Today they are a $1 Billion portfolio company within the education technology space with five distinct business units, all serving the K12 segment. They currently have +20 million students and more than 30% of all teachers in the USA using Cambium as their preferred ed-tech solution.

John shares their journey and how they grew the business fivefold in only five short years by very intentionally building a House of Brands. Their unique brand architecture and shared services take care of all the corporate responsibilities that businesses often don’t want to deal with. John explains how they ensure that each brand can focus on product innovation for their distinct audiences and top-notch customer success at every level. It allows them to deliver very targeted solutions that are the absolute best in their respective space.

Our guest: John Jorgenson – CMO at Cambium Learning Group

John was a liberal arts major in college 25 years ago and took a job in publishing as an editor when he started his early career. He moved on to do creative work and then pursued a career in a strategic marketing position working with K12 education imprints. Since then, John has been working in marketing, including the financial and non-profit sectors. His passion for the ed-tech sector led him to join the Cambium Learning Group in 2019, where he assumes responsibility for helping their five distinct brands take flight while taking care of corporate brand strategy.

Memorable Marketing by MediaGroup interviews leading CMOs, business innovators, entrepreneurs, and experts on all things marketing, brands, campaigns, and awareness. Please join the conversation by leaving your comments, thoughts and questions, and we will be happy to chat with you. If you want to discuss your business marketing strategies in more detail, feel free to reach out to us at: [email protected].

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Bart Burggraaf

Partner (NL)

Bart is a Partner at MediaGroup. In the agency, he primarily works on SEO, client strategy, new business and staffing. Before working at MediaGroup, he managed global marketing at Citibank’s Margin FX business and worked on online marketing for Saxo Bank in Copenhagen. Bart has lived in 7 countries over the years but is originally Dutch.

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The Memorable Marketing by MediaGroup podcast series interviews leading senior marketers worldwide on all things marketing, campaigns, strategy, building awareness and everything that makes a brand successful.
Join the conversation by leaving your thoughts and questions, and we will be happy to chat with you. If you want to discuss your business marketing strategies in more detail or join our podcast as a guest, please reach out to us at: [email protected]

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