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Getting clients for your trading platform

Written by Bart Burggraaf

Attracting brokerage clients to your trading platform is both simple and complicated. It helps tremendously if you have a superior product with some uniqueness to offer. Beyond that, think about these features as well:

  • Outstanding marketing material to boost your offering
  • Helpful service staff that knows what it’s doing
  • Salespeople with large networks that can rake in clients quickly
  • Evidence of some sort of thought leadership in the industry
  • Tools to build brand awareness

To expand on a few of the above, let’s dig a little deeper.

One proven way to build awareness of your brand, for instance, is to tell the story of your brand well, rather than focusing on direct sale of your product. Then, you need to tell that story to the proper outlets.

For instance, if you see your brand as appealing to Emerging Markets brokers, then you need to research where those brokers are hitting on the Web and make sure that your story is available to them. This can be done through your own research or with the help of a marketing firm.

As you tell the story of your brand, you need to be more than a catchy concept or slogan. You also need to evince progressive thought in the industry. You must show potential clients that you are in the thick of the industry and advancing it with your approaches and insights.

One of the latest documented trends among B2B sales is that publishing is vital to growth. In other words, you need to demonstrate that you have a solid knowledge on topics that your target audience is interested in and that apply to your product.

For example, regarding trading platforms, you should have ideas about where UI design is headed and what needs to be known about HTML5 and other relevant technologies. Show that you are a thought leader on your company blog, by submitting articles to industry publications, by speaking at conferences, by downloading videos on YouTube, writing white papers, whatever it takes to be taken seriously by your target audience and show it that you know your stuff.

The conferences that you address can be ones where you have received an invitation, or gatherings in the real or cyber world that you have organized. Webinars, for instance, are hot way to deliver valued content to potential customers. This is anything but direct sales, but that is part of the point. Future customers will appreciate your company’s adding to the discussion on matters of interest to the industry, and later they will come back and buy from you.

Why? Because prospective clients who trust a provider as someone that knows what he is doing will buy from that provider. Think about how you choose a doctor, especially if you have a particular condition. You are going to go for the expert in that field if at all possible, right? The same principle applies to trading platforms. The creators who appear to be on the cutting edge will attract customers.

Think of telling your story and adding to accumulated knowledge in the industry as planting seeds in the minds of brokers who, when ready to buy, will remember the name that impressed them with its wisdom. The seed will yield a crop. Contact a reputable marketing agency for more help in applying the above pointers.

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Bart Burggraaf

Partner (NL)

Bart is a Partner at MediaGroup. In the agency, he primarily works on SEO, client strategy, new business and staffing. Before working at MediaGroup, he managed global marketing at Citibank’s Margin FX business and worked on online marketing for Saxo Bank in Copenhagen. Bart has lived in 7 countries over the years but is originally Dutch.

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