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Planning To Be Active In Russia And Other Cis Countries? Don’t Forget About!

Written by Kyle Davies

With over 84 million monthly users, Yandex is considered to be the most popular search engine in Russia, covering more than half of the Russian search market. It is also used in other CIS countries, with the largest markets being Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine.




Yandex offers the advertising service Yandex.Direct, and here at MediaGroup Worldwide, our PPC team has been engaged in creating and running campaigns on the platform for many years. For those planning to expand their business into Russia and other CIS countries, we believe Yandex.Direct is undoubtedly worth your attention and recommend you apply it in your digital marketing strategy.

First of all, Yandex is pretty accurate in its targeting options. When we run campaigns, we can select decent targeting interests and keywords for your business so that you can reach your intended users with a 95% probability. And what’s more interesting here is that Yandex was originally created for Russian speaking users, so the platform takes into account different declensions and cases of Russian words. Consequently, it understands queries better than any other search engines and can bring the most relevant ads to the most precise groups of people.

So how does campaign setup work? There is a huge variety of advertising formats available on the platform, from single images to smart banners. Once you have an idea in mind, we can help you take care of the rest. Depending on your business objectives and KPIs, we can set campaigns to reach the widest audience possible or to bring non-converted back to your website for a second chance. We can also mix formats and audiences to maximise ROI.

When it comes to costs, it is difficult to claim that Yandex.Direct is cheaper or more expensive than Google Ads because there are plenty of factors that impact pay-per-click advertising costs. These include industry competitiveness, business segment, target audience, all of which vary for each campaign. But one thing is for sure: with the right settings and optimisation, you can make the most out of Yandex. Thus, it is crucial that the person in charge is a PPC specialist with deep knowledge of the Russian-speaking market and Yandex.Direct.

If you are looking to expand your business into the CIS market, increasing your exposure on Yandex is a must. MediaGroup is an international agency with native Russian specialists who have experience running effective Yandex campaigns. Feel free to contact our PPC team at moc.wwpuorgaidem@cpp and we will gladly assist you.

Kyle Davies

Head of SEO

Kyle works as a Head of SEO at MediaGroup. Based in Scotland, he has extensive experience in SEO and digital marketing on both the client and agency side, having held key roles in advertising, B2B and other companies. Kyle's deep knowledge of SEO, web development, content marketing and data analytics is invaluable in managing complex strategies for our enterprise clients.

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