Living your Company’s Brand

Living your Company’s Brand image

The other day I got some butter from the supermarket in Zug, Switzerland. Interesting story, I know, but bear with me here. The reason I am writing about this today is that this was no normal butter. It was branded ‘Heidi’ in a beautifully folded paper wrapper, adorned with scenes of the Swiss hills.

The package was twice as expensive as some of the other choices, but here was something special that conformed with my idea of Switzerland. When I got home, I opened the butter and saw a beautifully crafted stick of butter with the logo carved in and shaped edges. I was sold once again, never mind that the butter itself was just, ehm, butter.

You see, the idea of something and the feeling you have with a brand, is often more important than the something itself. We want to have experiences with companies that conform with our idea of the world, and our idea of ourselves. For financial services, most of the larger banks seem to understand this.


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