Managing Digital Marketing Tags on a Brokers Site

Digital marketers are used to working with a variety of systems for measurement and each system brings with it a new tag to put on the site. Among many, there is the analytics tag, adserving tag and the tags used for individual media partners such as Google Adwords or RTB partners.

Tags implementation, though, represents a challenging task for the marketers, as an incorrect tag application can lead to lost of data, which is time consuming to restore.

Google has launched a free easy to use tool, Google Tag Manager . The tool includes a number of features that facilitate the management of tags and shortens the time previously used for tagging. It also works both with Google and non-Google web tags. Releasing this this tool for free, Google has potentially upstaged expensive tagging solutions like TagMan and Tealium (although there will always be a market for those, one could even argue it grows the entire market by attention).

Google Tag Manager helps brokers manage online marketing more effectively without involving IT for every new affiliate or marketing channel added. But while Google Tag Manager is a good entry level tool and it satisfies the basic needs, it does not incorporate enough complexity for more established companies. For this reason, brokers should choose the tag tool according to their companies’ needs.

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