Marketing is about Discovery and Attention

Getting people to discover your brand, and getting their attention for the right reason, is 99% of the job of a marketing person. I think that’s a pretty uncontroversial statement, yet many companies don’t rationally market this way. If you as a marketer firmly believe that facilitating discovery and getting attention are essential, yet you don’t act this way in everything you do, there is a disconnect.

For instance, companies that do marketing to facilitate discovery and gain attention don’t put out bland product advertising, they put out interesting value-driven advertising.  They don’t operate a brand that looks, feels and talks like all other brands, they want to be different. They don’t do marketing to gain one-off clients, they want raving fans. They don’t put out bland PR’s, they create stories that attract the right type of attention, bring value to their audience, and allow them to discover your brand without having to nag them into submission. Above all, such a company would treat their customers like they would like to be treated themselves.

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