The Mobile Advertising Revolution

The popularity of smartphones, tablets and the application revolution has resulted in more than double mobile advertising figures, reaching £500 million this year. A large part of that growth comes from application stores such as Apple’s and Google’s, since about 60% of the UK’s adult population owns a smartphone. The internet advertising industry as a whole has also shown a substantial increase, Facebook being the biggest beneficiary, facing a substantial rice in its revenues.

This is good news for companies whose primary marketing environment is the digital world. Brokers and other companies operating in the financial sector will benefit from the increase in mobile advertising, since it demonstrates that the audience numbers for the mobile ads is rising. At the same time, the attention value of mobile ads is higher and as such we have seen very good results from these campaigns.

In particular Facebook is interesting, with their new mobile ads driving direct to app store traffic this venue is great for increasing the install base of a brokers native apps.

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