Non-paid Marketing with Quality Content (Video)

The term “non-paid marketing” refers to business development via social media and content co-operation that allow companies to get in front of customers and potential customers for free. In this interview with Dukascopy TV, Andrew Saks-McLeod (CEO of Finance Feeds) and Bart Burggraaf (head of the London office of Media Group Worldwide) look at how some of the most successful brokers use content marketing to acquire business.

Top brokers provide daily online market analyses that are separate from but cross-linked to trading platforms. These allow them to be thought leaders in the industry as they cross-publish on other sites and increase their search engine visibility. Instead of depending on other companies to publish their original content for them, they now do it themselves.

Content marketing is also combined with social media, with companies disseminating their content via Twitter and Facebook. This is especially valuable when communicating with the millennial audience, for whom social media is active rather than passive engagement.  This also offers more democratic interaction – valued by millennials – as the communication is on an equal level rather than seeming to come down from an ivory tower.

There is still a very important paid component to this, however, as companies use paid marketing to help their content to be heard above the competing noise on social media.




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