Search Engine AND People Optimisation | Episode 17

Join us for an insightful discussion about how a different mindset regarding SEO can positively affect your company’s bottom line. It is all about value first at Accubits. Not only for search engines but primarily putting people at the forefront and creating value-focused content for their audience. Welcome to the… Read More

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The Evolution Of Marketing Global Brands | Episode 14

Join us today for a lively discussion with Anders Bigandt as he shares highlights from his journey of over 25 years of selling, managing, and marketing global B2B and B2C brands. From selling Coca Cola to prominent restaurant and fast food chains and paying speeding fines for his young pizza… Read More

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How To Approach Marketing for Global Impact | Episode 13

Settle in for a power-packed discussion that will open your eyes to a whole new way of approaching the collaboration between marketing and sales while addressing your client’s pain points in such a way that’ll keep you relevant in their sales journey. How can a global brand truly approach sales… Read More

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Understanding LinkedIn Marketing | Episode 12

Join us for an in-depth and expert discussion today with Gary Wong, former LI Marketing team member in Hong Kong where he helped companies to plan out their LI strategies for both organic and paid — and now an expert in his field consulting B2B start-ups to enterprise level organisations. Read More

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This Company Has Achieved 80% Marketshare | Episode 11

Today we have an exciting discussion about how a well-known ’80s weight management brand, Nupo, gained an 80% market share in Denmark. Their modern audience does not only want hard sales – they want good quality content. In their quest to meet their target audience online, they refocused their energy… Read More

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Unique Marketing Matters | Episode 10

ClickLearn automates the documentation of complicated work processes in popular business software. With just a click, you’ll produce multi-format learning materials in any language and publish them to a 24/7 learning portal. With ClickLearn, you can automate the complex processing and documenting of videos, written instructions, presentations and even a… Read More

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