Finance marketing driven by content | Episode 31

Our new episode of Memorable Marketing sees us welcoming Jaslyin Qiyu, head of Client, Digital channels and Content Marketing at Citibank. Jaslyin has worked with some of the biggest names in the financial sector and has fascinating insights on the relations of marketing departments to other teams, as well as… Read More

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Numbers come first: marketing across industries | Episode 30

Our new episode of Memorable Marketing sees us welcoming Lisbet Stolberg, the new CMO at HusCompagniet. Having worked in teams and led projects across the book, film and now housing sectors, Lisbet has a remarkable breadth of experience in developing stories and brand creation. She discusses the importance of strong… Read More

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B2B marketing should not be boring | Episode 29

Today’s episode of Memorable Marketing sees us welcoming Joanna Viileinen, Marketing and Communications Manager at Rototec Group, a geoenergy company. With extensive experience working on global campaigns in Finland and the UK, Joanna shares her thoughts on the challenges and rewards of working in niche sectors with precision customer targeting,… Read More

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Data driven marketing for an open-source brand | Episode 27

With a client base that includes enterprise organisations such as Pfizer, Nestle, J&J, the Australian Open and multiple government institutions — it is fascinating to hear how the CMO of an open-source software brand establishes it in a crowded tech niche. Join me for an energetic discussion with Lynne Capozzi… Read More

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