B2B marketing should not be boring | Episode 29

Today’s episode of Memorable Marketing sees us welcoming Joanna Viileinen, Marketing and Communications Manager at Rototec Group, a geoenergy company.

With extensive experience working on global campaigns in Finland and the UK, Joanna shares her thoughts on the challenges and rewards of working in niche sectors with precision customer targeting, industry press, and building paid campaigns for indirect decision-makers. As Joanna points out, B2B marketing shouldn’t be so serious and boring. And this she succeeds in.

Discussing our theme that ‘B2B marketing need not be boring’, Joanna talks us through a career that has involved paid campaigns with David Hasselhoff, working with vital industries trying to develop new energy sources, and of course, various marketing challenges that come with them.

Joanna discusses the power of gamification, particularly when aimed at indirect decision-makers, in drawing peoples’ attention to new products. Marketing in high-tech industries with their dedicated press and small influential networks of key players requires a high level of creativity in campaigns and a targeted approach.

Additionally, Bart and Joanna discuss some of the cultural differences that need to be understood when running global campaigns or translating slogans from one language to another. The importance of having native speakers on the ground is highlighted, as well as the ongoing need to have a ‘real world’ presence – typified by successful bricks and mortar companies like Lego.

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