Brokerage marketing, the blockchain, and beyond | Episode 21

Today we have the privilege to interview one of the true pioneers of internet marketing for the brokerage industry. Lars Seier Christensen is a well-known entrepreneur, investor and businessman from Denmark.

Lars was one of the founders of Saxo Bank and has developed that company into one of the online trading market leaders. After Saxo Bank, he has been involved in a number of projects, most significantly Concordium, an exciting blockchain project and Seier Capital, a private investment fund. Besides his contribution to the global finance industry, Lars owns 25% of the Danish football club, FC Copenhagen.

Trading FX online was as new to the world as the internet was when the founders of Saxo Bank grasped both concepts and differentiated their brand early on to become a global brokerage. How did they apply digital marketing to grow their traditional brokerage to a globally recognised investment firm? What does the perfect digital marketing strategy look like for blockchain and financial services today and beyond?

Saxo Bank continued to grow its brokerage services to areas outside of Denmark and Scandinavia back in the ’90s by believing and using what the internet promised it could do— while many other financial service providers were still doubting its capabilities.

Join me today for an inspiring journey led by Lars as he shares how they navigated Saxo through the rapidly changing landscape of marketing possibilities brought on by the World Wide Web. We also talk about their collaboration with MediaGroup Worldwide through the years in all aspects of their digital marketing strategies. Lars shares how he envisions the exciting future of blockchain technologies and how Concordium fits into that.

Our guest: Lars Seier Christensen – Founder and CEO at Seier Capital * Chairman Of The Board at Concordium

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