CMOs journey focusing on use cases vs demographics | Episode 26

In our series, we have had the pleasure to interview many CMOs from all over the world with a unique story of their journey to CMO. Today, our guest brings an entirely new level of commitment to this coveted position as he steers an exciting new startup remotely from a different continent – and a unique approach focusing on use cases as opposed to user demographics.

Nikita Semin, now CMO at TIGGY, worked his way up the corporate marketing ladder by fulfilling almost every possible role you can imagine in the industry – gaining valuable experience on his journey. Starting at a large media agency as a programmatic manager, Nikita worked with big brands such as Hyundai, Michelin, PayPal, Emirates, and TNT. In this role, he also built a foundation of understanding marketing and how it works.

Nikita worked his way up across the entire scope of a FoodTech startup to become the CMO of Food Family in his next role. He shares how interviewing many users helped him on this journey. He also worked closely with product development and completed the acceleration at Startuplab in Moscow. He created a system for processing orders from scratch, reduced their processing time from an hour to 1 minute, created and optimized a sales funnel from the first show of a creative to the last sale and “resuscitation” of a client, and halved the cost of attraction.

Join us for an insightful episode as Nikita shares his journey and talks about his current role as CMO of TIGGY and how he helps the company achieve its goal to become the #1 Canadian fast delivery company. They don’t focus on demographics but rather the use cases for last-minute items. Their team makes shopping fun for customers by turning stressful last-minute shopping into a pleasurable experience.

Our guest: Nikita Semin – CMO at TIGGY

15-minute grocery delivery with a mission to forever change the way people buy everyday essentials. They create the future of convenience stores backed by top VCs and business angels: without queues, heavy bags, and wasted time. Your breakfast favourites, movie snacks, fresh fruit and veggies, or whatever you need can be ordered in seconds and delivered in minutes with TIGGY. They’ve launched in Downtown Vancouver in September and built an outstanding team of skilled professionals and local experts hungry for challenging tasks.

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