Data-driven marketing as a creative partner on a CMO’s journey | Episode 15

We have an exciting up-close and personal discussion about how a CMO deals with the challenges they face in a new era of limited personal interaction with their teams and clients and what may seem like a less creative but data-driven approach to marketing highly competitive brands. How do they differentiate their brands in a very crowded marketplace? Although it seems that there has been much less creativity in marketing over the last ten years due to the demand for a data-driven approach, there is an intangible level of creativity that you can’t see in data. You can still use it to make somebody feel something about your brand. The next level of creativity within this data-driven approach is in its successful execution. These are just some elements that don’t get talked about enough within the marketing industry that we discuss in today’s episode.

Ollie, like many CMOs, experiences SEO as their nemesis, when in fact, it is a very creative tool in their marketing strategies when understood and applied correctly. It contributes to measurable growth and brand equity on various levels in their markets and within various departments across an organisational platform.

Our guest:

Ollie Rosewell: Chief Marketing Officer at Eightcap, leading a team of 20 marketers in Bulgaria and a smaller team in London. An exciting full mix senior leadership role delivering B2C and B2B2C growth plans across global markets. Responsible for leading a multi-site team to deliver brand growth, digital acquisition growth, conversion optimisation, plus lead nurture, retention and reactivation improvements. Before joining Eightcap, Ollie led the marketing team at ETX Capital in the UK. With a 13 year background in the CFD and FX trading sector, his primary role is to deliver growth through direct marketing and to support other parts of the business in growing awareness of who Eightcap are and build brand reputation and equity in their operating markets. He is a passionate strategic problem solver and has a proven ability to address a business challenge with a strategic, actionable marketing plan. As an insight-driven decision-maker, Ollie has a track record of ensuring real insight is at the core of strategic marketing decisions.

Please leave your comments and questions, your feedback is important to us. If you would like to discuss how data can become a creative and strategic partner in your marketing strategy, contact me at: moc.w1679500300wpuor1679500300gaide1679500300m@iam1679500300.samo1679500300ht1679500300 and I will be happy to chat to you.

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