Data driven marketing for an open-source brand | Episode 27

With a client base that includes enterprise organisations such as Pfizer, Nestle, J&J, the Australian Open and multiple government institutions — it is fascinating to hear how the CMO of an open-source software brand establishes it in a crowded tech niche. Join me for an energetic discussion with Lynne Capozzi as we hear why taking a data-driven approach to marketing combined with a willingness to rapidly change and moving from generic to specific messaging all ads up to her successful marketing strategies.

Lynne Capozzi’s journey in sales and marketing over the years prepared her well for her role to accomplish exactly this. She shares amazing insight about how helping their client’s websites perform is the crux of their product offering. Their business model relies heavily on successful partnerships within the industry and Lynne talks about how keeping communication between products open help them promote a healthy business environment. We discuss how a CMO can educate the CEO showing how data-driven decisions excel outcomes.

Acquia combines the flexibility of Drupal with the world’s only Open Marketing Cloud for an unrivalled enterprise Digital Experience Platform (DXP). They help enterprise companies be successful with Drupal – providing everything they need like hosting, support, templates, additional tools, security and much more. In short: it is a digital experience company that helps enterprise companies to be successful with their web properties and assist them also with running their sites.

Our guest:
Lynne Capozzi — CMO at Acquia

Throughout her career, Lynne had a successful track record in building and leading marketing organizations through all phases of companies — from lean startups to larger public companies. As a sales-minded marketer, she is passionate about the evolution of marketing. Her journey with Acquia has two chapters. She joined them in 2008 but left a couple of years later to run a nonprofit. She returned to the company in 2016 to lead the marketing organization into its next phase of growth. She firmly believes in Acquia’s mission to deliver the universal platform for the world’s greatest digital experiences.

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