Educational marketing with a customer-first obsession | Episode 28

Join us today for an edifying discussion as we talk to Darrell Alfonso from Amazon Web Services. Darrell shares his exciting career journey leading up to joining Amazon and how his first job at a mobile and email marketing software startup prepared and woke him up to the game of business. It was his eureka moment of realising that it is so much more fun than what they can ever teach you at college. Darrell is beyond passionate about educational marketing, and his career is a testimony to the success that comes from being obsessed with customers.

He went on to explore the marketing automation industry in California. It is so much more than mere email marketing. Darrell was fascinated by it and started with large-scale system implementations, driving business results and growing teams. He also started contributing to the community during this time, writing ‘how to’ articles helping other people with marketing automation. Darrell is very modest about the fact that he was fortunate enough to win a few rewards in the industry, but you will agree with me after listening to our interview that he worked hard and earned each one. To name but a few of his career highlights and achievements, Darrell was:

– Named one of the “Top Martech Marketers to Follow” 2020 by Martech Alliance
– Keynote speaker for Martech Conference and Get Stacked B2B Marketing Conference 2021
– Awarded Fearless Marketer 2018
– Marketo Champion 2018 and 2019

Many marketers look for a checklist of things to do for them to do their jobs. But, if everybody follows the same checklist, they all look and sound the same. We talk about why he believes marketers should throw away the checklists, pay attention to competitors, and obsess about their customers. As he puts it, ‘don’t do what everybody else is doing. Focus on your obsession with your customers and let that determine every single decision you make.’

Our guest:
Darrell Alfonso – Global Marketing Operations Manager at Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services began exposing critical infrastructure services to businesses in web services after launching in 2006. The ultimate benefit of cloud computing, and AWS, is leveraging a new business model and turning capital infrastructure expenses into variable costs. Businesses no longer need to plan and procure servers and other IT resources weeks or months in advance.

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